How Does “Bitcoin Laundry” Work?

Launched last week, the new virtual currency mixing service called “Bitcoin Laundry” is quickly gaining popularity in the world of virtual currencies. While other virtual currencies seduce internet users by offering the prospect of free anonymous transactions, the truth remains that most online transactions are traced back to an individual’s real life identities if they want to trace back any transactions they have made to the real identity of the owner of that particular virtual currency.

This is where “Bitcoin Laundry” comes in as an excellent option. Using this service is a simple process whereby an individual will deposit funds into a designated account, and the account will then immediately transfer the funds from the designated account to another account, which will then be designated as an escrow account.

Once all funds have been transferred into the escrow account, the money can be withdrawn from the escrow account on a real-time basis. This is achieved by a virtual private exchange system or a virtual payment network that acts as a bridge between the user and the virtual wallet and acts as an intermediary between the user’s money and the virtual bank.

One of the main advantages of the service is the low fee that is charged for the transaction. Unlike with other virtual currencies that require a high transaction fee to make an online transaction, using the service does not require the user to pay any additional fees, thus saving him/her money in terms of transaction costs. You can get more information about bitcoin tumbler.

Another advantage that the service offers is that it works as a new innovative method of conducting online money transactions. In traditional ways, when the individual wishes to transfer funds from one virtual currency to another virtual currency, he/she has to make a large number of small transactions to complete the transaction. On the other hand, using the service, transactions are completed in one single, easy transaction, thus saving a lot of time.

To date, this service has already been integrated with the major banking institutions in Washington DC, where it is gaining wide popularity among the users. If you wish to try out the service for yourself, all you need to do is simply log onto the official website of the service and follow the steps on how to activate the system.

In case you live in Washington DC and you are looking for a better and secure way to transact online without revealing your identity, then you should try out the service. Just make sure that you understand the rules and regulations related to the service before you start depositing any funds in the designated escrow account.

The good thing about using this service is that it is free and available for people from any part of the world. There are no geographical limitations, and anyone in the world can make use of it, without worrying about their personal details being compromised.

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