Play With Kids and Improve Their Literacy Skills Used at Home

Play is the best way to keep the family together! That is exactly why we put together such an easy and big list of fun ways to play with kids today. These tried-and-true ideas really only take a little extra planning but create a lasting memory for kids on a whole new level! Just a couple of short weeks ago, my dear friend shared with me that she needed help planning some activities for her son’s birthday. You can a new ideas fromทางเข้า-fun78/.

She asked me, “What can we do to keep him having fun while at the same time remaining consistent?” She knew she was doing too much, especially with the food and decorations, but wanted to try something different this year. So, I came up with some great ways to keep our kids involved without overwhelming them. Of course, these aren’t the only ways we play with our kids, but they are some of the ones that bring out their best qualities as well as keep them entertained. It’s been wonderful to see how much our kids have grown and how much more flexible they become since the day we first started playing together.

The first activity that we played with our kids was a simple scavenger hunt. Our daughter and I were able to pull it off in just a couple of minutes and still got them excited. We found some construction paper and cut out fun shapes – such as circles, squares, triangles and squares. We then had to label each shape with a letter and turn them in the desired direction. Each person then had to use their best guess to name the shape correctly.

Then we took each child on a balloon flight to help them see where the balloons were landing. For this activity we used a very large sheet of indoor balloons and a small group of balloons with a helium tank. We taped the balloons to the floor and asked our guests to stand in one spot while the balloons were falling. They had to try to grab as many balloons as possible and place them in an appropriate area.

Our second activity was more challenging. We cut a hole in the corner of the room and attached some indoor floating balloons to some form of indoor masking tape. We had our guests stand in a circle and we would start passing out the masks to them. As soon as one of them wore the mask it was done. Our kids absolutely loved it and we were able to walk around the room handing out prizes all throughout the party.

Overall we had a fantastic time teaching our kids about literacy, counting and the art of asking questions. Our son even managed to score some popcorn and pizza as his prize for winning a spelling bee! As for our daughter, she really enjoyed the indoor balloon flight and really picked up on the math skills used in the treasure hunt. She now has a new favorite game to play with her friends at Thanksgiving when she comes over – it’s quite a lot of fun!

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