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Chicken and broccoli stir-fry recipe (simple 4 steps)

Chicken and broccoli stir-fry recipe (simple 4 steps)

Fried hen and broccoli are the breeze that prepares every little thing inside 30 minutes. Good for once you should not have time within the kitchen or have a longing for Chinese language takeout.

There are various comparable recipes on the Web. However I’m proud to publish it as a result of it’s a fashionable journal in Malaysian Chinese language society and share it with everybody. My mother and father have been born in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong I journey a few occasions to go to my household for a yr. So hen and broccoli stir fried dishes are anticipated to be drastically affected by Cantonese dishes.

As an alternative of bragging about how scrumptious it’s, I’ve some tricks to get you the perfect fried dish you've ever needed.

Maintain studying to get ideas!

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Abstract of methods for making this recipe

  • Marineling to make hen scrumptious.
  • It was half frozen. It’s best to chop the hen breast thinly.
  • Fill broccoli earlier than you fry.
  • Make stir fry sauce beforehand.
  • Makes hen brown to style higher.
  • 19659009] Please use loads of garlic and ginger.
  • Stir the excessive warmth earlier than cooking.

Stage 1 hen preparation

Chicken breast or hen thigh meat

Chicken breast is the favourite meat to stir from the west, however Asians usually want the style and texture of hen thigh meat. 19659002] For those who minimize hen thinly, it’s fast to prepare dinner whereas stirring. Skinny items are safer after roasting, particularly within the case of hen breasts.

To do that, freeze the hen till it’s half-frozen. It’s straightforward to chop as a result of it’s sturdy sufficient to chop half the frozen state simply. You need to be capable of slice it as skinny as potential.

All the time reduce the meat. This technique is particularly helpful when changing beef. It is probably not essential in cooking stews. When you reduce the grain, all of the moisture can chew simply.

Why do we now have to marinate hen?

Chicken slices are skinny. Fried sauce has taste. Why ought to we marinate hen?

The style of the sauce is just coated on the floor throughout cooking. In case you eat pickled meat, you’ll anticipate totally different tastes. The salt from the marinade penetrates deep into the hen. In different phrases, if you don’t want to soak your meat in marinade, the style will solely deepen into the pores and skin.

There’s a easy marinade for this recipe, and it may be used for many different recipes.
100g of hen is mild soy sauce tsp, oil tsp, 1/eight tsp of salt, 1/4 of egg whites.

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Step 2 – Preparation of broccoli

Straightforward strategy to reduce broccoli with small flowers

Reduce broccoli with small flowers bigger than the minimize flowers

When you minimize the stalk another time, the remaining small flower might break and break itself. Should you reduce a big one with a knife, the broccoli floret cannot be seen simply.

Don’t discard the stalk, minimize and thinly reduce the stalk's fiber portion, broccoli stalk is crisp and clean, and should you like broccoli,

Fill Broccoli

There are two methods to stir broccoli: gently fry broccoli or

My favourite approach to put together this dish is earlier than frying

The benefit of the second technique is that the frying time is shortened to solely 30 minutes.

If the broccoli is just not mocked, the broccoli shall be about 2 [19659002] If the water is diluted quite a bit, broccoli is clear and clear.I exploit the kitchen timer for two minutes for the small flowers and 2 minutes for the stalk items When the broccoli is absolutely cooked, start to whiten the broccoli. The quantity of water is no less than 3 times that of the vegetable Do you have to. Virtually to the top of a brief excessive temperature of near stir prepare dinner.

As quickly because the work is completed, take away it instantly and soak it in ice water. Chilly water instantly stops the cooking strategy of greens.

Surprising broccoli with chilly water has further advantages. The fish may be refrigerated for a day with out draining and dropping freshness and vivid shade. In different phrases, you’ll be able to put together prematurely.

 Chicken broccoli recipe

Step three – Getting ready stir fry sauce

Sauces for roasting hen are one other essential issue. This recipe.

I exploit normal seasonings to organize soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, corn, sesame oil. I don’t need to overwhelm the pure taste of broccoli, so I need to maintain it easy.

Since hen items are marinated, there isn’t any want to fret about not having sufficient taste.

Fried sauce (for hen 100g and 200g of broccoli):

1/4 tsp salt
Sugar 1/4 tsp
Oyster sauce 1 tsp
White sprint pepper
Sesame oil is weak Teaspoon (about 1/4 teaspoon).
half teaspoon of corn starch as thickener
three tablespoons of water

In most recipes it’s best to make corn starch slurry thicker. A common guideline is to mix a portion of cornstarch with two parts of water to make a slurry and add to the roasted greens or meat on the finish of the cooking.

On this recipe, supply cornstarch slurry. This technique was developed over time, working in a restaurant, and I noticed that each worker was one of the simplest ways to make the sauce thicker on the similar focus.

Corn flour can be utilized as an alternative of starch. Regular wheat has the power to pay attention lower than corn starch, so you must use three occasions the quantity of corn starch to take care of the identical consistency. Furthermore, because the corn starch isn’t as secure, the thickness of the supply can scale back extra time. If the sauce of a specific dish on the desk is progressively thinner over time, it’s more likely to turn into thicker with common flour.

I don’t use soy sauce as seasoning. Darkens the brilliant colour of broccoli.

Watch the video

Step 4 – Stir frying course of

Stir fried hen

Fry the hen with slightly oil. As soon as the colour modifications, let the warmth of the pot brown the hen. Now I’ve a seasoned hen full of odor.

Put together to eat out and put it apart.

Cooking stir fry sauce

Subsequent, wipe the pot earlier than roasting the broccoli with sauce. If you don’t, fragments of hen items and garlic burning will stick with the broccoli flower association. It doesn’t have an effect on the style, however it isn’t good. Nevertheless, if you don’t thoughts it, unscrew the stir fry sauce. Then you’ll catch all of the tastes.

  • Put a bit of oil in a clear pot and sprinkle some garlic with oil.
  • Put 4 items of ginger and fried. Ginger is greatest for this recipe. To exchange hen with beef, double the ginger items on this recipe. Ginger could be very efficient with beef.
  • When the garlic begins to vary to golden colour, pour the stir fry sauce into the pot. Prepare dinner till the sauce is obvious, ie till the cornstarch is cooked.
  • Mix sauce with broccoli and pot. Let the broccoli take up the flavour of the sauce.

REAL Ending with Fried

It’s best to save lots of final

Roasting and cooking the Tower of Hell is a consultant present of Chinese language cooks.

Depart the hen within the pan. Activate the warmth for a short while and roast about 20 seconds. Flip the skewers of the meals the wrong way up and shake them in order that each individuals contact the recent floor of the lanterns and throw them into the air instantly. This work is the essence of stir and is the key to creating a well-known odor scent.

Don’t exaggerate this step as a result of the sauce doesn’t appear soiled because the stir fry is all dry.

Put some sesame oil within the pan, stir shortly, then please placed on the plate. Sesame oil just isn’t secure at excessive temperatures. So I like to recommend including solely the final step of the dish.

 Beef and broccoli

Further tip:

Use a great pot

The forged iron pan is fried. Nicely-cooked pot doesn’t poke at excessive temperatures. It additionally signifies that the pot is scorching even after it has been faraway from the range due to its giant warmth capability. This property is right for stir-fry.

Chrome steel wok is the subsequent neatest thing. It’s virtually like a forged iron pot (we use the kitchen). The one drawback is that the non-stick coating shortly wears out after the pan is seasoned and the pan have to be cooked extra typically.

Please select the oil appropriate for stir.

Most Asian stir fried peanut oil, corn oil, palm oil is used. There’s a excessive smoking level on this oil. This implies that you could stand up to excessive warmth throughout roasting. I exploit palm oil to fry corn oil typically.

If you wish to comply with the best way an Asian man cooks, olive oil is just not for frying. As a result of there’s a comparatively low smoking level, olive oil cannot be roasted at excessive temperatures when it turns into smoke.

Chicken and broccoli stir fried recipe

Preparation time
15 minutes

Cooking time
10 minutes

Complete time
(19659079) Supply: (B)

Remainder of the fabric: (C)


  1. [19659000] A) in a spice for 15 minutes.
  2. Reduce broccoli with small flowers.
  3. Dip broccoli within the stalk for two minutes and 2 minutes.
  4. Soak in ice water. Cool. waterspout.
  5. Pour some oil on the hen. As soon as the colour modifications, let the warmth of the pot brown the hen.
  6. Put somewhat oil in a clear pot, and fry garlic and ginger with somewhat oil.
  7. When the garlic begins to show golden brown, pour (B) into the pot. Prepare dinner with low warmth till the sauce is obvious.
  8. Mix the sauce of broccoli and pot.
  9. Depart the hen within the pan. Flip to excessive warmth and roast for about 20 seconds.
  10. Put a spoon of Shaoxing wine.
  11. Put sesame oil in a pan and stir shortly.

Vitamin info:



Servings Per Serving: Energy: 338 Ldl cholesterol: 77mg Sodium: 1350mg Carbohydrates: 19g Sugar: 5g Protein: 36g

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