How Much CBD Should I Take?

It’s become very popular among medicinal marijuana users due to its powerful healing properties. And even those who don’t like the numerous side effects of chemical-based medications often turn to this alternative remedy to help alleviate their symptoms naturally. If you’re suffering from long-term medical conditions, like pain, insomnia, or sore muscles, wondering which is the right CBD for health? Here are some things to consider.

The primary benefit of CBD Lube when it comes to human beings is its anti-psychotic and sedative qualities. This is why it is so popular for use in conjunction with prescribed pharmaceuticals like Ritalin and Concerta. But it isn’t just research studies that support this plant’s benefits. People all over the world speak openly about how well they feel after taking CBD. In fact, there is a dedicated Facebook group called “CBD for health” where members discuss different uses, benefits, and dosages.

Aside from the relief of symptoms, CBD for health is also known for relieving mental health issues, particularly when taken in higher dosages (as much as four grams a day). In one study, for example, sleep quality was significantly better for people using CBD than those using a placebo. The highest amount of dosages (four grams) resulted in a significant reduction in sleep apnea. Another study found that CBD significantly improved symptoms associated with depression. As a result of chronic use, researchers noted less agitation and irritability among CBD users. In other words, CBD makes depression more manageable, less severe, and less likely to linger long-term.

A higher dose of CBD, however, may have serious side effects on health. In one study, researchers had participants use an average of two grams per day, but only for six weeks. At the end of the six-week trial, the researchers noted a significant increase in CBD users’ probability of having panic attacks. People using CBD reported significantly fewer sleep problems and daytime drowsiness than those who did not take the supplement. Moreover, the researchers noted that there were no changes in mood or mental health between groups. However, since there are no official guidelines on the dosage levels recommended for CBD users, the amount of the supplement suggested may not be safe for people whose lives are already filled with stress.

There are some ways to be able to safely take CBD. The Food and Drug Administration has approved three different products for sale: Strattera, Wellbutrin, and Vivaxa. All three products are intended to provide a range of dosages of CBD, including up to 600 mg per day. Most people may need to divide their daily dosages into three doses, depending on their weight and other individual factors. Some people may need to take a higher dose when they have depression, while others may need to lower their dosages if they smoke, use other psychoactive drugs, or are taking certain medications.

Taking a higher dose of CBD can also lead to more serious side effects. If you combine it with other medications, you could experience worsened reactions. You should also avoid combining CBD with other drugs. For safety concerns, it’s usually safer to buy CBD in its most pure form, which is found in concentrates of CBD and in CBD capsules.

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