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How To Freeze Soup The Easy Way

Final Up to date: February 12, 2019

A steaming bowl of do-it-yourself soup is a perfect meal in the depths of winter.  And if you will the trouble of creating your personal soup, you then really need to be sure to know how you can freeze do-it-yourself soup correctly to ensure you all the time have a meal in the freezer.  So let’s dive in.

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Scorching do-it-yourself soup.  There’s simply something about those phrases that conjure up an entire bowl of consolation for me.  Whether it’s an enormous bowl of cheesy cauliflower soup, a hearty bowl of vegetable soup or an excellent fast minestrone soup, soup must be my favorite winter meal.  We eat do-it-yourself soup for dinner at the least once every week in winter, and I all the time double the recipe so I both have leftovers for lunch the subsequent day or so I can freeze the excess soup for an additional meal.

Whilst freezing soup seems simple (and it is) I’ve a number of recommendations on the way to freeze soup correctly that won’t solely guarantee your soup is as delicious the second time round, however that will even maximise the time you possibly can retailer the soup within the freezer with out affecting the style and texture.  I have summarised the following pointers in a useful guide for you that you could grab from my Resource Library.  Simply click the hyperlink under or request the password at the end of the submit.  Or read on for the complete model.

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What Soups Can You Freeze?

Most do-it-yourself soups freeze extremely properly.  There are a number of exceptions (outlined in the part under), but usually the most effective soups to freeze fall into the following 5 classes:

  1. Bean & Lentil Soups: Hearty soups make with beans and lentils freeze extraordinarily properly, and are my favorite sort of soup to freeze.  Assume a thick pea & ham soup, or my hearty purple lentil & bacon soup.  Soups with beans and lentils are likely to thicken on standing, and should require a bit additional liquid when reheating (see under).
  2. Rice Based mostly Soups: All rice based mostly soups freeze nicely, although wholegrain rice (assume brown, black & wild rice – which I do know shouldn’t be a rice nevertheless it matches right here) will retain more structure in the freezing course of than white rice.  Rice based mostly soups, like my hearty lentil and brown rice soup, additionally thicken on standing so might require slightly additional liquid when reheating (see under).
  3. Stock or Broth-Based mostly (Clear) Soups: Clear soups made with inventory or broth freeze notably properly as there isn’t a concern that the freezing process will cause the soup to separate or change texture. If the soup recipe incorporates noodles, omit these when freezing the soup and simply make a remark on the label to add them again in when reheating or serving your soup.
  4. Meat Based mostly Soups: Meaty soups and soupy chili freeze very nicely, and are splendid as stand alone meals.
  5. Pureed or Blended Soups: As long as they don’t include a variety of dairy products similar to cream or milk, pureed and blended vegetable soups freeze very properly. I choose to freeze my pureed soups, like my creamy carrot soup, without cream in it.  I merely make a remark on the label to add the cream as I reheat the soup.

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What Soups Don’t Freeze Properly?

There are a couple of varieties of soups that basically don’t freeze nicely. Attempt these at your personal danger:

  • Soups that include numerous dairy (assume chowders and bisques).  These generally tend to turn into grainy and separate when thawed.  Some dairy based mostly soups could also be rescued with a great blitz of a stick blender (see under for extra info).
  • Soups that include giant chunks of potato.  The items of potato change texture within the freezer, and grow to be mealy and unsightly to eat.  Apparently though, soups that include pureed potato freeze fairly nicely.
  • Seafood soups.  These are likely to odor barely “off” when thawed.  In the event you wish to freeze seafood soup attempt freezing the soup base and poaching any recent seafood within the warmed base when reheating, quite than freezing the soup with chunks of seafood in it.
  • Soups thickened with eggs or cornflour.  These are likely to turn out to be watery and separate when defrosted.  Don’t even attempt to freeze a lot of these soups.  You’ll be disillusioned.

What Is The Greatest Packaging For Freezing Soup?

The sort of packaging you choose to freeze your selfmade soup in will rely upon how much out there freezer area you’ve got, and whether you’ve got youngsters which might be more likely to smash glass containers on the floor when they are reaching for one thing else within the freezer (Just me?).

I freeze my soup in two totally different sized containers: individual parts suitable for single lunches and meal sized portions good for a simple family dinner.

The following packaging is all suitable for freezing soup:

Be sure that any packaging you employ is rated for freezer use.  If your packaging just isn’t appropriate for use in the freezer it might break because the soups freezes, leaving you with a soup lined freezer cavity.

A brown bowl full of hearty Winter Vegetable Soup. Swollen grains of barley and small cubes of winter vegetables are visible in the broth.

Greatest Gear To Freeze Soup

You do not want any specialist gear for freezing soup, however having the fitting gear will prevent numerous frustration for those who plan to freeze soup regularly.  I exploit and advocate the following:

  1. Ladle:  A small-ish ladle is the simplest method to portion soup into containers with minimal mess.
  2. Canning funnel (optionally available):  This may be useful for filling zip lock luggage.
  3. Freezer protected containers:  See above
  4. Labels:  All frozen meals seems to be the identical.  It’s a freak of science.  Ensure you label your soup before it goes into the freezer with the date, sort of soup and any special reheating directions.  A roll of masking tape and a black Sharpie are your mates here.
  5. Rimmed baking sheet:  A rimmed baking sheet that may fit into your freezer is perfect for stopping spills from burst zip lock luggage or overfilled containers.

How To Freeze Soup

The most necessary tip I may give you with regards to freezing soup is:

Don’t Overfill Your Containers

Chances are you’ll assume that you would be able to squeeze that little bit of additional liquid into your container or zip lock bag, however understand that liquid expands as it freezes.  In case you don’t want frozen soup throughout your freezer, err on the aspect of warning when filling your containers.

To freeze your soup successfully, merely comply with these straightforward steps:

  1. Cool the soup:  I all the time let my soup cool slightly before filling containers.  Piping scorching soup can warp plastic containers and zip lock luggage, and trigger glass containers to crack.  I often just sit the soup pot at room temperature for about 30 minutes or so while we eat dinner.  If it’s worthwhile to cool the soup shortly nevertheless, place your pot in an ice tub within the sink and stir until the soup has cooled.
  2. Fill the containers:  The technique used will differs in accordance with whether or not you’re filling inflexible containers or zip lock luggage.
  • For plastic & glass containers and glass jars:  Ladle the cooled soup into your most popular containers.  Depart about 2 -3cm (1”) room between the highest of the soup and the lid.  This enables room for the soup to broaden because it freezes.  Place the lids on your containers or jars.
  • For freezer protected zip lock luggage:  The best method to fill zip lock luggage is to take a seat the empty bag in a slender jug or container.  Fold the top of the bag over the jug to anchor it in place.  Ladle the soup into the luggage – a canning funnel might show helpful here. Don’t overfill the luggage.  Press as much air out of the luggage as potential and seal nicely.
  1. Label the containers and luggage:  Observe the date, the type of soup, any specific reheating necessities, any components to be added whilst reheating, and any toppings to be served with the soup. If utilizing zip lock luggage, you could discover it easier to label the luggage before filling them.
  2. Cool the crammed containers: Don’t place scorching soup straight into the freezer.  Depending on the dimensions of your freezer, the heat from the soup can defrost different meals and impair the perform of your freezer.  I like to chill my crammed containers utterly in the fridge earlier than transferring them to the freezer.  If using zip lock luggage, lay the crammed luggage on a rimmed baking sheet in the fridge.  It will make them simpler to transfer to the freezer as soon as cooled.   Don’t pile the luggage too excessive although (I like to recommend not more than 3 high) as an excessive amount of combined weight from the luggage may cause the bottom luggage to burst open.
  3. Switch the containers to the freezer:  Once cooled, the containers and zip lock luggage could be transferred to the freezer.  I recommend that you simply use a baking sheet for freezing zip lock luggage so the luggage freeze flat and don’t wrap themselves around the bars of the freezer (It occurs …. ask me how I know.).  As soon as frozen, the baking sheet could be removed and the luggage of soup stacked for straightforward entry.

Selfmade soup will last for up to 3 days within the fridge or up to 3 months in the freezer if packaged appropriately.

A brown bowl filled with creamy cauliflower cheese soup. Croutons and blue cheese crumbles sit on the top of the soup.

How To Defrost & Reheat Frozen Soup

If potential (i.e. in the event you’ve planned ahead) defrost your soup in the fridge in a single day.  I like to recommend you place your frozen soup container or zip lock bag on a plate to collect any moisture that drips off the surface because the soup defrosts.  I shall be trustworthy right here and say that I often overlook to take my soup out of the freezer the night time earlier than, so I normally permit my soup to defrost barely on the bench for a couple of hours previous to lunch or dinner earlier than reheating it.

Soup can be defrosted within the microwave.  Comply with the directions offered by the producer on your model for one of the best results.

If in case you have frozen soup in zip lock luggage, these will defrost very quickly if slipped right into a sink of warm water.

The easiest option to reheat frozen soup is to put the defrosted soup in a saucepan over a medium heat.  The soup doesn’t must be utterly defrosted at this stage.  Simply maintain the heat low and stir regularly until the soup melts and is warmed via.  Stir regularly whilst the soup is heating to stop it sticking to the underside of the saucepan and burning.

Soup may be reheated in the microwave in an appropriate microwave-safe container.

And a word of caution here:  soups made with pasta, beans, grains or lentils, will thicken when frozen.  Add a bit additional water or do-it-yourself inventory to these soups when reheating to skinny out the texture and turn them back into soups.

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Freezing Ideas For Totally different Varieties Of Soups

Soups Made with Cream or Milk:

Soups made with a considerable amount of milk or cream can have a grainy texture and seem to separate when defrosted and reheated.

There are two methods you’ll be able to cope with this:

  1. Omit the dairy products from the soup when freezing, make a remark on the label as to the portions required and add the dairy in when reheating the soup.
  2. Freeze the soup with the dairy products. If the soup separates on defrosting, shortly blitz the soup in a blender or with a hand-held blender to even out the feel simply before serving.

Soups Made with Pasta & Noodles:

Soups that include pasta or noodles (like my speedy minestrone) could be frozen, but the pasta does turn quite gentle in the freezer.  If I am freezing small portions for my lunch, this truthfully doesn’t hassle me. Nevertheless, in case you are freezing bigger quantities of soup for a principal meal, contemplate omitting the pasta or noodles from the recipe and including freshly cooked pasta or noodles to the reheated soup base simply before serving.

Chunky Vegetable Soups:

Completely cooked vegetables in a chunky vegetable soup can soften in the freezer, which can change the feel of the reheated soup.  If making a soup with the intention of freezing it, think about slightly below cooking the greens within the soup earlier than portioning it into containers.

And for those who’ve doubled the recipe with the intention of consuming half now and freezing the rest, scoop out the portion of the soup you propose to freeze earlier than the greens are carried out then continue cooking the rest of the soup till the vegetables are tender.  Package deal up the partially cooked portion as soon as it is cool.

A close up shot of a bowl of creamy carrot soup, with a silver spoon dipping into the bowl.

What concerning the Toppings & Garnishes?

Many soup recipes embrace toppings or garnishes to finish of the soup and add somewhat burst of flavour.  Excluding pesto sauce, toppings and garnishes are higher off ready recent and added just previous to serving.  Be sure to observe any garnishes or toppings required for the recipe on the soup label prior to freezing.

Pesto might be frozen in ice cube trays and both defrosted concurrently the soup, or frozen cubes could be dropped straight into piping scorching soup.  The heat of the soup will defrost the pesto cubes.

Often Requested Questions About Freezing Soup

Can you freeze soup after 3 days in the fridge?  As long as your soup has remained chilly, and never experienced giant temperature fluctuations, leftover soup might be frozen after spending as much as three days in the fridge.

Does potato soup freeze nicely?  Soups that include chunks of potato do not freeze properly as the potato pieces change texture.  Soups made with pureed potato do freeze properly.  In the event that they separate on defrosting and reheating, simply give the soup a blitz with a hand-held stick blender before serving.

Can I freeze do-it-yourself soup?  With just some exceptions (see above) most do-it-yourself soups are good for freezing.

How long are you able to freeze do-it-yourself soups?  Most soups could be frozen for up to three – four months with none deterioration in flavour.

Are you able to freeze soup with cream in it?  You’ll be able to freeze soup containing cream (see above).

Can you refreeze soup that was already frozen?  If the soup was defrosted in the fridge, then you might refreeze it.  The largest difficulty with refreezing is the impact this can have on the texture of the soup.  If the soup was defrosted on the bench prime, don’t refreeze it.  Both eat it or discard it.

Two bowls of hearty lentil and brown rice soup recipe, with a loaf of bread and pot of butter in the background.

Soup Recipes For Freezing

All of my soup recipes freeze nicely.  I have finished all the testing for you, so you possibly can freeze any of my recipes here with confidence.  Need to get began now?  Then I recommend you attempt:

Pink Lentil & Smoky Bacon Soup

Creamy Carrot Soup

30 Minute Easy Minestrone Soup

Vegan Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup

Sluggish Cooker Vegetable Soup

Lentil & Brown Rice Soup

Take pleasure in!

Have you ever acquired any great ideas for freezing soup?

Inform me about them within the comments under.