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On this complete assessment of Texas Superfood and their in style powder and capsules I’ll cover all the elements within the new and improved formulation.

You’ll study potential unwanted effects, the most effective place to buy it, value per serving, if there’s a coupon and whether it’s well worth the money.

Additionally forward, firm info and critiques, buyer suggestions and complaints, nutritional vitamins and minerals in green powders, methods to take this supplement correctly, how it tastes and different questions answered.

And at the finish, Texas Superfood vs Juice Plus+, plus a breakdown of what I like and don’t like about these uncooked fruit and vegetable juice supplements.

What is Texas Superfood?

Made out of the chilly pressed juice of over 50 uncooked and naturally grown greens, fruits and greens, Texas Superfood is a powdered meals supplement designed to offer a variety of phytonutrients, antioxidants and different worthwhile nutritional parts for better health.

The product comes in both capsules and powder type and is made by NPN group, previously often known as Nuplexa, with an handle of 1180 N. Mountain Springs Pkwy, Springville, UT 84663. A contact telephone quantity and e mail may also be discovered on their website.

The owner and, in line with the company’s web site up to now, formulator of their numerous merchandise is Dr. Dennis Black.

The enterprise has branched out into promoting other nutritional dietary supplements like krill oil, probiotics, a joint help supplement and two nootropics referred to as Texas Chill Capsule and Brain Achieve.

Nevertheless, Texas Superfood is the corporate’s flagship providing and this evaluate is particularly for this product comprised of 50+ fruits, greens and greens and with added probiotics and enzymes.

On their labels they state that their powders and capsules are 100% entire meals with no added sugar, zero fat, no soy, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan.

There’s also a ‘Made in USA’ symbol and ‘GMP’ icon for Good Manufacturing Apply. Additionally, these merchandise come with a 30 day returns policy in accordance with their business website.

Texas Superfood Ingredient Record

At the time of this evaluate, a label of Texas Superfood Unique capsules hosted on the company’s web site exhibits the next elements:

  • Greens: Artichoke Leaf Extract 10:1, Asparagus Powder, Beetroot Powder, Broccoli, Broccoli Sprout Powder, Brussels Sprouts Powder, Cabbage Powder, Carrot Juice Powder, Cauliflower Powder, Celery Leaf Powder, Chicory Root Powder, Dandelion Leaf Powder, Fenugreek Extract 20%, Ginger Root Powder, Green Bean Powder, Holy Basil Powder, Kale Powder, Onion Powder, Organic Maca Powder, Parsley Powder, Pea Protein Isolate, Rhubarb Root Powder, Senna Leaf Powder, Spinach Powder, Sweet Potato Powder, Turmeric Powder
  • Fruits: Açai Powder, Annatto Seed Powder, Apple Powder, Blueberry Powder, Black Walnut Leaf Powder, Cucumber Powder, Elderberry Powder 4:1, Goji Berry Powder, Golden Berry Powder, Grape Seed Powder, Hawthorn Berry Powder, Lucuma Powder, Monk Fruit Extract Powder, Noni Powder, Organic Black Seed Powder, Ardour Flower, Pear Juice Powder, Pomegranate Juice Powder, Prune Powder, Rose Hip Powder, Tomato Powder, Pumpkin Seed Powder
  • Enzyme Mix: Amylase, Proteins, Bromelain, Glucoamylase, Peptidase, Hemicellulase, Beta Glucanase, Phytase, Invertase, Lipase, Diastase
  • Probiotic Cultures: Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus salivarius
  • Algae, Grasses and Others: Chlorella Powder, Peppermint Leaf Powder, Pine Bark PE 95%, Spirulina Powder, Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Cassia Seed Powder, White Mulberry Leaf Extract 10:1

That is the ‘New Improved Formula’ in response to the labeling, and it is a massive enchancment on the previous components (incidentally still shown on most different Texas Superfood evaluation articles on different websites at the time of writing).

There’s plenty of nice elements here however specific standouts for me within the Greens section are beetroot, broccoli sprouts, fenugreek, holy basil, kale, maca, turmeric and cleaning parsley.

While in the Fruits record there’s antioxidant-rich acai, blueberry, black walnut, goji berry, grapeseed, noni, black seed, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds as highlights.

Detoxifying chlorella, libido boosting pine bark and mineral-rich spirulina are all nice additions. While probiotic lactobacillus for intestine health and a variety of digestive enzymes are good to see in the ‘New Improved Formula’.

The place to Buy Texas Superfood

You possibly can presently purchase both the powder or capsules for $63.45 per single bottle, with reductions of up to $15 for the three bottle ‘Family Bundle’ at There’s additionally free delivery in the USA when you ‘Subscribe and Save’ or for purchases over $100 value of products there.

Personally, I much favor to purchase my health supplements on Amazon for the straightforward supply, trust and much higher variety of evaluations and buyer suggestions than on supplement company web sites.

You possibly can verify the present worth of Texas Superfood on Amazon here and skim more product info, consumer evaluations and answer questions as nicely.

Value per Serving

Taking the current $63.45 retail worth for Texas Superfood on their website and the 30 servings on the really helpful amount, this supplement works out at a $2.11 value per 6 capsule or 6 gram every day dose.

Not as expensive as the similar Stability of Nature Fruit and Veggies method, It Works Greens or Juice Plus+ capsules, but nonetheless excessive in worth compared to some green superfood powders on the market. This entire meals supplement is more likely to be pricing themselves a bit too high for a lot of clients to be utilizing often.Superfood powder made from juice

Is It Well worth the Cash?

Whether Texas Superfood is sweet value in comparison with cheaper rivals depends upon the outcomes you get personally from it, which in fact can differ enormously from individual to individual.

You would take a half dose to make it last twice as long but you then won’t experiences comparable well being advantages to taking the recommended 6 capsule or 6 grams of powder dosage.

Obviously taking powdered fruit and vegetable juice dietary supplements like this isn’t low cost, but neither can be juicing anyplace near this quantity of produce your self.

If you’ll attempt Texas Superfood and see if it truly works for you, then it’s greatest to take it daily at the advisable dose for a minimum of the first month and see the way it makes you are feeling.

Many individuals are ready to pay a premium for merchandise like this that go some method to addressing the deficiencies of the usual Western weight-reduction plan. In any case, health circumstances and illnesses may be rather more pricey within the longer-term.

The powdered superfood capsules particularly are also very handy and an awesome timesaver. You possibly can even take them to work or when touring to enhance your dietary intake.

Texas Superfood Coupon Code

Many people search on-line for a coupon code or some sort of discount on the retail worth of Texas Superfood capsules or powder.

There are the standard flashy coupon sites offering pretend reductions on this product. Nevertheless, all of those I discovered and clicked on have been just scams and frauds with no actual coupon codes, just an try and get you to attach by way of to

One did hyperlink to a web page on the corporate’s web site with the URL /sale/ so maybe this business did once provided discounted products. That stated, the concept there can be coupons for 40% and even 50% off, as these fraudulent websites advertise, is an entire scam.

Directions for Use

It’s instructed to make use of Texas Superfood capsules by taking 2 of them 3 occasions a day, preferably with meals, for a every day dosage of 6. With 180 capsules per bottle you get a 30 day supply when you take them daily.

The inexperienced powder comes in a 180 gram bottle and grownup instructions are to take 6 grams or 1 rounded teaspoon a day, half that for youngsters beneath 12, in a beverage of your selection. As soon as again, this provides 30 servings per container.

It’s not listed on the label, nevertheless it’s greatest to take phytonutrient-rich entire food supplements like this with a meal that incorporates dietary fats. It’s because most of the useful compounds are fat-soluble and wish it present throughout digestion to be correctly absorbed.

With this and other powdered superfood, I’d advocate including it to a shake or smoothie, similar to certainly one of these healing recipes, or diluted coconut milk, like this wholesome BPA free version on Amazon, for superior nutrient absorption.

When you really need to take superfood powders with juice then I’d extremely advocate freshly squeezed solely. Commercially produced fruit juice is primarily concentrated fructose and highly fattening.

You’d be negating a number of the health benefits of this superfood powder by consuming it with packaged juices like apple or orange juice. Regular cow’s milk additionally isn’t a very healthy or good tasting approach to take this supplement.Real superfood supplement review

How Does Texas Superfood Style?

An alternative choice is to only drink these powdered superfoods with water but this isn’t perfect for consistency in taking them because of the style.

I’ve tried Texas Superfood powder in water as research for this assessment and the style wasn’t unpleasant to me. Delicate tangy berries and greens with some earthy flavors and a slightly spicy aftertaste, probably from the ginger in it.

Some customer critiques complain concerning the taste but I get the impression that these are the type of individuals that might have an issue with consuming anything not loaded up with fattening high fructose corn syrup.

This is in any case a product with negligible pure sugars, simply 3 grams of carbohydrates and only 7 calories. It will be fairly unusual to anticipate the flavour to be extraordinarily sweet.

General, most skilled customer reviewers seem to assume Texas Superfood is likely one of the better tasting green powders they’ve tried. Still, it’s going to be so much simpler to drink and healthier should you mix it up in a smoothie. That method style is not a problem.

Should you don’t have a blender yet you’re really lacking out on one of many best and most fulfilling methods to improve your dietary consumption and general well being. I’d highly advocate getting a very good countertop blender on your kitchen as quickly as attainable.

Should you’d like to economize then this highly rated and cheap bestseller I take with me when travelling is nice for making delicious smoothies for breakfast and as straightforward afternoon energizers.

Side Effects and Attainable Precautions

There are not any commonly reported adverse negative effects I might discover from taking Texas Superfood. A couple of Amazon reviewers talked about digestive upsets and supplements with probiotics and prebiotics like this could have an effect on some individuals on this method.

General although, this was a relatively small minority compared to the far more widespread reviews of increased power, less hunger, weight discount and improved health circumstances.

Some individuals which might be gluten delicate are involved about wheatgrass however it’s usually acknowledged that only wheat grain has gluten, not wheatgrass. That stated, celiacs may need to write to the company to be 100% positive this can be a gluten-free manufacturing facility.

While rare, some individuals do have allergic reactions associated with a few of the components on this powdered superfood, like pineapple for those with a latex allergy.

This is the reason it’s essential for supplement corporations to record clearly all the components used of their products. Unfortunately, this is among the unfavorable issues I found while reviewing Texas Superfood.

Elements Not Clearly Displayed

While I’m impressed with the record of superfoods in this inexperienced powder, it’s difficult to understand why the components label isn’t at present proudly displayed on both their website’s product pages or the Amazon store for the corporate.

It was truly fairly troublesome, even for me as an skilled reviewer, to seek out correct nutritional info for Texas Superfood on their web site that represents them as a business to the world.

Hopefully this can be rectified soon nevertheless it’s far from helpful to the fame of a complement firm to not record product elements clearly. Actually, this could possibly be one purpose why there are searches on-line for individuals asking if Texas Superfood is a scam.

Clients need to know precisely what’s in a supplement they’re contemplating paying good cash for. As well as being vital info to make a shopping for determination, some individuals have food allergic reactions or experience uncomfortable side effects with certain elements and undoubtedly have to know what’s in a formulation like this.

Nutritional vitamins and Minerals in Superfood Powders

Many online critiques of Texas Superfood and comparable green powders criticized the truth that the labels don’t present high values of widespread vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C or magnesium.

While I’m all for clearer labelling, for my part this type of considering misses the purpose of taking superfood powders and the place their true well being benefits may be found.

If you wish to see a complement label record that has 100% of the normal rundown of vitamins and minerals, then take a great multivitamin, not a inexperienced powder, especially one created from entire fruit and vegetable juices.

The actual worth of powdered entire superfoods is in their wealthy array of phytonutrients like glucosinolates, catechins, carotenoids, antioxidant polyphenols and dozens more.

These useful vitamins are concentrated whenever you juice, cold dry and powder dozens of fruits, greens and greens like Texas Superfood have finished with their products.

As they observe on their web site: “There are thousands of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, polyphenols, and anthocyanins in Texas SuperFood… from 55 naturally grown, raw, fruits and vegetables… There is no way to tell you how much of mineral X is in each capsule… because the amount of mineral X in each head of broccoli is different.”

Are there a variety of revealed health studies on pubmed displaying specific health benefits of Texas Superfood? No, and I extremely doubt there ever might be because of the excessive costs and problem in presenting measurable outcomes that the scientific group would accept.

Some individuals are of the opinion that a nutritional product only has worth if it has a label with excessive proportion amounts for the most typical vitamins and minerals. Perhaps although they need to look into the analysis and see if they will find many scientific research supporting the value of multivitamins.

The truth is, this 2012 meta-study of the effectiveness of artificial vitamin and mineral drugs discovered scarce proof to warrant their use and that some might even have destructive effects.

However, there are literally thousands of studies like this on the market displaying a robust correlation between fruit and notably vegetable consumption and a lower danger of great illnesses like cancer and heart illness.

Most of this analysis particularly cites the phytonutrient content of these foods as highly essential for his or her constructive results. Different health benefits like better pores and skin, improved vision and extra power are also widespread ‘side effects’ reported.New formula Texas superfood powder

Ought to You Take a Superfood Powder?

For my part, the choice on whether or not to take a powdered fruit and vegetable complement like the one being reviewed here ought to come down to 3 questions:

  1. Whether you consider the various phytonutrients, antioxidants and other dietary parts in greens and fruit might be captured and delivered in a handy powdered type that’s usable to your body.
  2. Whether the product you’re considering has a very good range of high nutrient elements. Texas Superfood’s 50+ fruits, greens and greens would seem to have that coated to me.
  3. Whether the tactic of extraction and processing is more likely to retain as much of the usually delicate health promoting parts as attainable. Texas Superfood say they use cold press juicing so in the event you trust them on this they appear to have this base coated as nicely.

What about Fiber?

Another widespread criticism of inexperienced powders like Texas Superfood or Juice Plus+ is that they don’t include the fiber of the vegatables and fruits they are derived from.

That is true and should you might truly eat the equivalent quantity of all of the fruit, vegetables and greens on this product, with their fiber, it will undoubtedly be a more healthy choice.

In the actual world though there are very few of us eating such a wide variety of high vitamin produce. Some individuals barely receive any most cancers preventing antioxidants in their every day food plan and are the most probably to profit from supplementation like this.

One other level typically ignored is that one of many main causes that dietary fiber is so healthy is because it pushes along troublesome to digest meals like meat by way of your digestive tract.

This prevents the concentrated protein from breaking down within the dangerous and probably cancer-causing compounds in your colon. It also helps guard towards constipation, fairly a toxic condition in your physique to cope with often.

One of the simplest ways to get your dietary fiber is to eat extra wholesome greens like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, candy potato, wholesome pumpkin and others, notably with a high protein meal.

As an additional advantage, should you exchange fattening excessive carb sides like rice, pasta or notably french fries, with combined veggies you’ll shortly start dropping pounds because of a a lot decrease simple carbohydrate consumption.

Making this easy commerce and taking an antioxidant-rich complement like Texas Superfood would dramatically improve the well being, every day power and certain happiness of a excessive proportion of individuals consuming a regular American food regimen.

In the event you actually can’t get enough fiber in your weight-reduction plan in the intervening time then contemplate a superb digestive well being components, like this extremely efficient and extremely rated one on Amazon, to stop harmful constipation. Longer-term though, it’s much better to eat more fibrous greens and fruit each day.

Buyer Complaints and Returns Policy

Any supplement company advertising a novel nutritional product like this are liable to get their justifiable share of complaints. Wanting via these online on Amazon, well being and health boards and reply websites, I didn’t really feel like Texas Superfood complaints have been extreme compared to some others I’ve seen.

One fairly widespread grievance although was that Texas Superfood is a ‘ripoff’ or not well worth the cash because of the individual not receiving any particular benefits that they recognized.

Any product being a ripoff is in fact a subjective opinion, regardless of worth. This raw food complement is undoubtedly quite costly, but then again, it might be pricey to supply the big variety of superfood powders used on this product, particularly from cold pressed juice processing.

Finally, the query of whether Texas Superfood is well worth the funding comes right down to how taking it impacts you personally – a troublesome thing to quantify in an objective evaluation like this.

The corporate does state on their web site that they’ve a 30 day ‘hassle free’ returns policy. So if there’s a problem with an order it is best to be capable of get a refund by way of the location’s e-mail tackle or calling the customer service number listed as 1.888.36.36.888.Texas Superfruit

FDA Warning Letter

One concern with the mum or dad firm of Texas Superfood is that they did obtain a warning letter from the FDA addressed to Dennis W. Black, President on Might four, 2015.

I’ve read via this letter, which you will discover on-line, and you may too in case you’ve obtained a number of time and endurance.

Principally, it seems the FDA was accusing Texas Superfood’s advertising of creating claims that equate their dietary supplements with the effectiveness of pharmaceutical medicine, something the Federal Food and Drug Company doesn’t like in any respect.

There are other factors brought up within the FDA letter, corresponding to labeling points, which I agree with, “component specifications” and providing “complete manufacturing history and control of your packaged and labeled dietary supplements through distribution”.

All of which, reading by means of, makes me fairly certain I’d a lot moderately be doing these detailed evaluations of the most effective superfood powders slightly than beginning an organization to fabricate them.

I’ll depart it up to the individual reader whether or not this warning by the FDA is enough of a cause to keep away from Texas Superfood merchandise. In case you are concerned, read via the letter yourself which you’ll find with a simple search online.

I will say though, that many well being authorities appear to think about the FDA rather more accommodating to huge pharmaceutical medicine like statins and chemical components like aspartame, both of which have much more complaints and potential negative effects than powdered fruit and vegetable juice.

Additionally, as this warning was despatched in 2015 it’s possible the problems addressed would’ve been rectified by now or the company can be unlikely to still be working. I can’t discover any of the statements the FDA complained about nonetheless displaying on the 2018 model of the Texas Superfood company web site.

Texas Superfood Vs Juice Plus+

An analogous product and competitor to the one reviewed here is the Juice Plus+ vary of products, notably their Fruit and Vegetable Mix capsules.

Like Texas Superfood, Juice Plus+ is made out of juice powders, however I can’t discover the identical emphasis on cold processing and vine-ripened produce with this firm.

They say their supplements are constructed from the “juice powder concentrates and oils from more than 40 different fruits, vegetables and grains”.

Truly, the Fruit and Vegetable Mix capsules have less components listed than that and, while there are some good ones there, I don’t like the inclusion of isolated vitamins and notably calcium carbonate and sunflower oil based mostly tocopherol.

The pricing for Juice Plus+ vs Texas Superfood can also be fairly confusing to work out and probably misleading to some clients for my part.

On the Fruit and Vegetable Blend capsules product page of their web site they record $44.50 a month, but wanting nearer that is for a a lot lower every day dose than with Texas Superfood.

Additionally, it includes signing up for an ongoing 4 month provide, shipped and charged mechanically, which appears to be the only buying choice out there.

Whereas I don’t advocate them, if you need to buy Juice Plus+ to provide it a attempt, I’d strongly recommend utilizing this itemizing on Amazon with buyer critiques to get it in a one-off supply, slightly than being locked into an ongoing subscription.

On stability though, I feel this new components powdered Texas Superfood continues to be a greater quality and better worth product vs Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Blend.

What I like about Texas Superfood in Abstract

  1. This supplement has an ideal ingredient listing of high antioxidant fruits, nutrient-rich vegetables, vitamin and mineral-laden greens and different potent superfoods. The company says they use raw, vine-ripened and naturally grown produce, nearly all of which is natural.
  2. The cold processing methods of juice extraction and delicate drying used to supply Texas Superfood powder ought to guarantee nearly all of the dietary parts are preserved and usable once you take it.
  3. The inclusion of enzymes to enhance digestion and lactobacillus probiotic cultures for gut health, although it will be useful to have each of these with clearer labeling of amounts.
  4. Packaging and website state that this product is 100% entire meals, no GMO, no sugar added, no soy, gluten-free and vegan. Additionally, a 30 day a refund guarantee, made in USA and GMP good manufacturing processes stamp are all welcome.

What I Don’t Like

  1. Poor labeling and a scarcity of particular information about components on the web site, notably not displaying the components record on product pages or Amazon retailer.
  2. In a associated point, the elements are listed on the labels in alphabetical order. Whereas most superfood dietary supplements have a ‘proprietary blend’ and don’t share exacting quantities, the standard conference is to record elements by quantity so the client has a basic concept of what’s commonest in the product.
  3. This can be a relatively costly superfood powder in comparison with rivals. Whereas I feel the elements listing is excellent and it ought to be useful for most people taken commonly, I do assume the value can be better at a lower cost point. Discounts for bulk purchases and free delivery for orders over $100 on the enterprise website might help mitigate the price concern.

Ultimate Verdict

Every little thing written in this assessment of Texas Superfood is my personal perspective and nothing must be taken as medical recommendation or personal criticism of any particular person. I’m completely happy to read and respond to totally different feedback in the feedback under.

After many hours of researching Texas Superfoods it’s my opinion, based mostly on over a decade of writing about superfoods, that this can be a quality uncooked fruit and vegetable complement with one of the higher elements listing for these type of merchandise.

It’s not low cost, I’d wish to see rather more nutritional info for the client on each the labeling and their web site and there are some questions concerning the firm’s previous advertising claims which will concern some individuals.

General although, when you’re in search of a nutrient-rich superfood complement with a wide range of elements and careful processing, and may afford the premium worth, Texas Superfood is an effective selection.

Yow will discover it here on Amazon within the convenient capsules and in addition out there in powder in your smoothies and shakes.

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Texas Superfood Score

Pros and cons of Texas superfood supplements


  • Nice ingredient record of uncooked, vine-ripened and naturally grown produce.
  • Chilly processing methods of juice extraction and delicate powder drying.
  • 100% entire meals, no GMO, no sugar added, no soy, gluten-free and vegan.


  • Poor labeling and a scarcity of specific details about components.
  • Relatively expensive superfood powder in comparison with rivals.