Ode to the Korean Noraebong AKA Karaoke Bar

The area has shrunk a little, or the waiter has not separated the rooms? It feels like an upgrade from a Samsung hotel, the washing machine and dryer are quite clean. The dishwasher also works, and simple cooking is also convenient. During the epidemic, I flew here from the United States and waited for my return home.

If you can’t read the Korean lyrics, you can choose to sing many English songs. You have to find the number of the song you want to sing in the song book and enter it using the remote control. There will be a waiting list before your chosen song is played. If you are a K-POP fan, you can even dance while singing your favourite song.

And I needed a half-bath in the bathtub, so I reserved a place with a bathtub, but it was inconvenient to get water because water only came out of the shower. It’s a small thing, but I hope it gets better. There are a lot of convenience stores in the downstairs, and it’s convenient to take a taxi.

Karaoke bars play a major role in Seoul’s nightlife scene. Many of the city’s best 홍대호빠 bars feature private singing rooms. These venues typically feature plenty of space for groups of people looking to enjoy a private party.

“We see the chance of transmission as being higher through sharing the same space and time than through the ventilation system. Entrance doors are open and potential customers walk in, only to be shooed away with the feeling of unfinished business. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy.

Heating is ondol cherry type, but this winter is warm winter, so it was not cold or cold. Wi-Fi has a floor, each room and router, radio waves are strong and no problem. Anyway, it’s good for those who want to cheap the cost of staying. Because the staff is not stationed, when you check out, you will come to return the deposit, but a little Mendo.

You can go solo, sing with a group, or even try out a floor-heated room. This is the perfect choice for those who just want to sneak in some noraebang “me time” during the day. Noraebang literally means ‘singing room’, and there’s definitely no shortage of these in Korea, particularly around the Gangnam, Hongdae, and Apgujeong districts. Choose from a wide selection of songs and hold your own concert in a private room. Take your pick from affordable coin noraebang where you can pay per song to trendy sing-all-you-can rooms with unlimited food and drinks. There’s also coin noraebang — a popular karaoke option for teens, couples, or people who ditched their friends but don’t want to go home yet.

You just need to put money in and choose the song. However, you can also sing by the hour, about 5,000 won / hour. There are two types of coin noraebang rooms.

Sometimes 노래연습장( norae yeonseupjang – singing practice room) will be written on the boards in front of the noraebang rooms. You will find a lot of karaoke rooms around the universities. Spend the day in this five-story building in Gangnam.

Another popular drink that locals in Seoul favor is soju, a liquor that tastes similar to vodka. Many noraebang spots can be found near the city center or near universities, perfect for a quick pick-me-upper. This coin noraebang in Seoul is strategically located near Ehwa University, perfect for those days when you just have to destress and unwind in between classes. Not so expensive because in Indonesia also already around those price and the most interesting one you can pay extra +₩1000 for free refill drink and ice cream so cheap right!

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