Pre-Construction Termite Services

Pre-Construction Termite Services is a term commonly utilized by professional termite contractors and pest management companies. The term ‘pre-construction termite services’ is used to refer to pre-treatment options for underground soil, walls and other underground structure designed for termite establishment. There are many ways for termites to enter your home and build their colonies. Most commonly these ants gain access via holes in the foundation or through underground tunnels. Conventional treatments of termites will usually only treat the affected areas but not prevent future infestations. Visit for more information.

Professional Termite Companies that utilizes Sos Eliminating Method offers a comprehensive termite control solution that will protect your home from future termite infestations and prevent the destruction of your valued properties. The most effective way to eliminate termites is to perform preventive maintenance around your house. Properly check for places where termites have been living and avoid entry routes that are known to be vulnerable to termite intrusion. Implement a regular termite inspection program that includes periodic cleaning of baited areas and eliminating conditions that favor termite proliferation.

As many of the approaches to prevent termite activity include a period of prevention, it is in the best interest of homeowners to hire a professional company that offers pre-construction termite services. It is also recommended that new home construction and rental properties employ a pest control company that offers post-treatments as well. It is also beneficial for termites to have access to multiple treatments to prevent the introduction of multiple pests into one structure. In order to achieve an effective long term pest control solution you should hire a provider that uses multiple methods for termite control. Implementing multiple methods can prevent the over-wintering of pests into your structure and prevent the spread of multiple pest infestations within your dwelling.

A professional pest control provider will be able to inspect your home for termite infestation and determine whether or not the colony needs to be eradicated. If you live in a subdivision there may be multiple treatments available depending on your location. There are several options to choose from when it comes to treatment options. For example, the most popular pre-construction termite services will utilize baits and liquids that will be dispersed around your property. Other methods of termite prevention include mechanical means such as attaching baits to wooden structures, applying termite repellents, and employing sos exterminators.

Sos eliminator is a chemical commonly used in the treatment of termites. In order to apply this form of insecticide, it is necessary to have an approved pesticide applicator as well as an active termiticide. Baits and liquids are most commonly used in the pre-treat market. Baits are placed around the perimeter of the house in areas that are regularly searched by humans. These baits and liquids are then left in the ground or sprayed around the exterior of the home.

The baiting method has been found to be effective and is the preferred method of pre-construction termite services. However, in areas with extreme temperatures during the summer months, liquid pesticides are often applied. Baits are placed around the outside of the home in areas that are searched frequently by people and dogs.

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