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Rice porridge – Cantonese porridge cooking method (traditional way)

Rice porridge - Cantonese porridge cooking method (traditional way)

It took endurance and the correct expertise to make good Cantonese porridge (also referred to as rice congee).

This text explains tips on how to put together probably the most sensible and nice Cantonese porridge. This rice is known as a dim sum restaurant (referred to as juke in Cantonese) as one of many delicacies for breakfast and lunch staples in lots of Asian nations which have died.

The lengthy custom of Cantonese dying is appropriate for nearly each style. .

  • Delicate, clean cream
  • The rice flour is properly hydrated and bursts like popcorn.
  • Cantonese shouldn’t be separated into two layers of lifeless, and will keep at room temperature for a while.
  • Rice have to be tempted to the appropriate plate with out the necessity to add additional components to the lifeless.

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We need to share the preparation method as a result of we embrace this porridge within the breakfast menu. It's at residence.

For those who see phrases like saury or hen in different recipes, it means the identical as porridge, which suggests all the identical Chinese language delicacy.)

Primary glutinous rice

Many porridge distributors and eating places have this primary I'm making porridge. Then add different components to make quite a lot of porridge (pork and egg porridge, fish paste, hen bean paste, and so forth.). It’s extra environment friendly to create a basis that works with different supplies. The chef will add the chosen components and be able to serve for a couple of minutes. The added elements can solely be restricted by creativeness.

This primary glutinous rice is out there to many readers as a result of it prefers to order the essential model with out including different elements. We name it an peculiar porridge, however truly it’s extra than simply water and rice.

Step-by-step how we make it.

1. Put together hen broth

 Rice porridge raw materials There are two methods to organize rice porridge.

  • Pork may be ready by diluting in scorching water and boiling with rice.
  • The options are the identical as I do on this recipe. I exploit hen bone to organize hen inventory, put solely rice in inventory and begin boiling.

Rinse hen bones to take away particles.
  • Place the hen bone in a inventory pan.
  • Put chilly water so that each one bones are submerged.
  • Please import. Scale back warmth till broth is boiling.
  • Watch out on the range for an hour. Stir sometimes.
  • Typically skim the floor of rubbish. This step might help you get a clear broth.
  •  Chicken stocks

    • After 1 hour (or 1 and a half hours if desired) all the flavour ought to be extracted from the bone with water.
    • Take away the bones and let the hen broth move by means of the wire mesh pail.
    • Depart within the broth for 10 minutes. Then pour over the strainer once more in one other pot and discard the sediments on the ground.

    Put aside and proceed to the subsequent step.

    Notes: 1. 5kg bone yield 2. 5L inventory amount The ready porridge capability of the recipes,

    2. Wipe rice

    Sprinkle with loads of water to scrub rice.

    Don’t rinse the rice an excessive amount of till the rice is soiled. It helps to thicken rice porridge by protecting as a lot starch as potential.
      rice porridge soaking rice

    three. Soak the rice.

    Soak rice in water for 1 to three hours. After soaking, the rice will soften. It helps to shorten the time it takes to boil the rice till it collapses to create a mushy, creamy texture.

    The normal option to put together to die is to pattern rice from the start. It takes a very long time, however the result’s wonderful. Rice grains are very engaging as a result of they ultimately open like popcorn.

    There’s one other method to tremendously scale back the cooking time of porridge. On this article I describe one other article, "Chinese Porridge Recipe," which preheated and frozen rice grains. I choose a quicker method, however I can use this method if the outcomes usually are not the identical.

    When the uncooked rice grain freezes, the water of the rice turns into ice and expands. This enlargement will break down rice grains into small items. When rice is put into inventory, the cracked items are damaged down a lot quicker than entire grains, however the form of the damaged rice is seen.

    four. Cooking rice porridge

      Chinese porridge Take care of 10 minutes

    It’s a must to boil hen broth. The quantity of water / broth must be about 15 occasions the load of rice. If the amount of inventory is lower than you want, combine slightly extra water to make up for the quantity. This measurement is just a suggestion as a result of including extra water doesn’t harm. It additionally depends upon how lengthy the rice is boiled. (The longer you boil, the extra cream will die.)

    Put rice in a boiling liquid. Watch out that the rice doesn’t persist with the underside of the pot. Let this course of boil for about 10 minutes.

    If you would like a clean and clean die, please be affected person.

    Maintain boiling steadily.

      Easy rice porridge What do you appear to be if you end up prepared?

    Then scale back to the bottom attainable column. Place the water in a constant sluggish boil. It was once I noticed small bubbles burst out right here and there, however the grain of rice doesn’t transfer a lot.

    Proceed to boil for the subsequent 1 to 2 hours. Stir the rice porridge that doesn’t stick with the pot.

    As time goes on, it’s a must to thicken the porridge and stir extra typically to keep away from stickiness.

    90 minutes.

    I stated it was virtually over as a result of I might see it as creamy, however when you cool it for some time, it can cut up into two layers.

    Ideally rice bran must be homogeneous and shouldn’t separate into two layers at room temperature for a while.

    Watch the video Learn the video: View the video recipe on the finish of this publish

    5. Add a century-previous egg.

    Life will quickly put a century-previous egg within the porridge. The eggs of the century are alkaline. It helps to interrupt down rice shortly to type a smooth, creamy texture.

    Using century-previous eggs is optionally available. If you don’t prefer it, discard it. If you don’t use it, you must boil the porridge for an extended time to realize a clean texture.

    Reduce a century piece into small items (truly talking). Ultimately, it is going to be disintegrated into porridge.

    6. Add Salted Eggs (Optionally available)

    Salted eggs are non-compulsory as a result of they’re not thought-about a default pie whenever you add a & # 39; ingredient & # 39;

    Nevertheless, the salted eggs give a gentle porridge a salty feeling filled with taste. As a result of it’s a widespread ingredient in virtually all the poultry poultry, I made a decision to prepare dinner the salted eggs from the porridge.

    Cooked salted eggs are then transferred and used as a part of a porridge-like materials. , Salted egg into dried pork porridge egg protein 瘦肉粥. Remember that when the salt from the eggs permeates the porridge and also you die, you need to scale back the quantity of salt.

    7. Seasonings

    Seasonings ought to be minimal. Salt is a serious seasoning and is left to the client so as to add different components resembling ginger, scallions, sesame oil, mild soy sauce and floor white pepper when serving. I add a tablespoon of salt (15 grams) to a pot of rice porridge created from 250 grams of rice and three.7 liters of inventory. When the dish is completed, it’s decreased to three liters and the salty style is true.

    eight. Boil the essential glutinous rice by including your favourite components.

    In most porridge, create an ordinary porridge normal, and let the client study slightly extra earlier than including and serving the elements you select.

    You will get the well-known Cantonese egg and pork dying by placing the salted eggs and 20th century eggs into porridge with pickled pork. Within the earlier article, you will get a full recipe and an in depth description.

    9. Decorations and provides

    All you want is an easy ornament with some finely chopped ribs and a chopped ginger strip.

    Put peanut white pepper, calmly put somewhat sesame oil within the soy sauce, calmly placed on the porridge is prepared.

     rice porridge

    preparation time
    20 minutes

    Cooking time
    2 hours

    Complete time
    2 hours 20 minutes


    For hen broth

    • Hen bone 1.5kg
    • Sufficient water to cowl the bone

    For rice porridge

    • three.eight liter hen inventory sufficient
    • 1 mashed egg within the 1st century
    • 1 Entire salted egg

    For topping


    Making hen broth

    1. Hen Rinse your bones to take away particles or soil.
    2. Place the hen bone in a inventory pan.
    3. Chilly sufficient to lock all bones into water.
    4. Warmth till water boils to excessive temperature. When you boil, scale back the warmth.
    5. Watch out on the range for an hour. Stir sometimes.
    6. Typically skim the floor of rubbish. This step may help you get a clear inventory.
    7. Take away the bones in an hour. Cross hen inventory by means of a wire mesh filter.
    8. Please hold inventory for 10 minutes.

    Get able to die

    1. Spray lots of water and rinse.
    2. Soak the rice in water.
    3. Please convey boiled hen broth. Put rice in liquid.
    4. Please boil this manner for about 10 minutes.
    5. Add the crushed Century Egg
    6. Add the salted egg (elective)
    7. Scale back to the bottom attainable temperature to barely chew the porridge.
    8. Take the salted egg out and minimize it into small items. Put aside.
    9. Proceed to boil for 1 to 2 hours on this state.
    10. Style with a spoon of salt.
    1. Put in a porridge bowl
    2. Salt oil, white pepper, mild soy sauce plus some sesame oil.

    Vitamin info:


    One batch

    Components: Energy: 697 Complete Fats: 38g Ldl cholesterol: 270mg Sodium: 1441mg Carbohydrate: 34g Protein: 49g

    This recipe may require the next gadgets:


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