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Should you drink Kombucha? + Taste Test of the Top Booch Brands ~ Real Food with Dana

What’s the deal with Kombucha? You realize it’s presupposed to be good for you because it has “probiotics”…which can assist your digestion? However you’re not likely positive? Should you drink kombucha? You’re positive it’s good for you – at the least ten of your folks / individuals you comply with on instagram have stated it’s the marvel drink. And there’s a lot hype. You will get it in just about any hipster / farm-to-table and even fast-casual, health-focused restaurant these days. There are even Buzzfeed quizzes to seek out out your Spirit Kombucha.

So you determine to drop between $3-5 (or extra!) on this fancy wanting, tremendous fashionable drink.

The primary couple sips are like a fizzy, fancy vinegar drink that you’re sort of instantly regretting shopping for. “Why did I spend money on this again?? It tastes kind of like a not-sweet soda, and there’s this weird thing floating around on the inside, and it’s definitely not sweet like I was expecting…thank god I got the fruity flavor my friend recommended, god forbid I got anything more bitter like that ginger one everyone is raving about…”

After which, a couple of sips (or bottles) later…you kinda get into it.

In at present’s submit we’ll be speaking about Kombucha 101, I’m answering all of your questions on Kombucha that I took from Instagram – the benefits, who ought to and shouldn’t drink it, methods to find a quality model, and I did an enormous taste check of as many booch manufacturers I might get my palms on. Scroll to the bottom for examine that out!

Fermented tea made with a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) that ferments for about two weeks earlier than adding fruit juice, sugar, or other flavors to make the tons of of flavors that you can now find in grocery shops. It’s commonly confused with a mushroom, because the SCOBY takes on a pancake/mushroom type-shape in the fermenting container.

Sugar. Is. Essential to brew kombucha. You can’t make kombucha with out it – the sugar is important to assist the scoby develop and to kickstart the fermentation course of, as a result of the probiotics (bacteria) which might be growing during the fermentation course of are fed by the sugar. More on sugar later.

About these bacteria. The lactobacillus bacteria and yeast convert the sugar added in the brewing course of into lactic acid and ethyl alcohol. Subsequent, acetic acid bacteria convert the alcohol into vinegar. That is why kombucha has a slightly vinegar style, and if you home-brew kombucha and let it sit for too long, it could possibly taste very vinegar-y.

There’s also a tiny bit of residual alcohol in kombucha. What? Booze? Yep. Identical to beer, kombucha is a fermented drink – which, if left to ferment longer than many store-bought brands, can include up to Three% alcohol. Most manufacturers will include beneath 0.Three% to zero.5% ABV per bottle.

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with Dana - Health Ade

What are the benefits?

The health advantages of booch are largely as a result of the probiotic content material, from strands like lactobacillus (also present in yogurt). Kombucha is a fermented meals – which means it incorporates probiotic micro organism, which are useful for gut health, may help increase your immune system by way of the microbiome, enhance gastrointestinal well being, and lots of other benefits associated to enhancing the variety and stability of the microbiome.

Since kombucha is brewed from tea, it also incorporates many of the useful compounds which might be derived from tea – like polyphenols and antioxidants which may also help battle free radical injury to our cells, and l-theanine in green tea, which is an amino acid that has a relaxing impact. Fermentation additionally slightly boosts the polyphenol impact in tea. Kombucha also accommodates caffeine. The quantity will differ based mostly on the sort of tea that was used to brew the kombucha. Booch brewed with black tea may have the most amount of caffeine (as much as about 25-35g/serving), green tea a little less, and white tea virtually none.

Sure manufacturers also include species like Gluconacetobacter, Acetobacter, Saccharomyces Boulardii, a spore-based organism that has been confirmed to struggle GI distress like traveler’s diarrhea and yeast infections, and Bacillus coagulans, which research has proven can even assist with digestion. Kombucha boasts some antibacterial properties on account of the presence of these organisms – the good will help stamp out the ‘bad’, disease or symptom-causing micro organism.

BUT. Kombucha is NOT a cure-all to every disease and health condition recognized to man, as quite a bit of the headlines could have you consider. It won’t remedy all your issues. And, if you’re on the lookout for the therapeutic advantages of billions of strands of probiotics, you gained’t find it in kombucha – which has a very low probiotic content material in comparison with most probiotic supplements. Nonetheless, it’s useful for the reasons listed above, and is usually a good “gateway” / real meals approach to get some probiotics slightly than taking dietary supplements. More essential than kombucha in getting these different health benefits is a various, nutrient-dense food regimen with tons of vegetables and fruit, whose fiber might help feed those good gut bacteria and promote good health.

What about sugar?

First off, everybody must stop being so afraid of sugar all the time. Sugar isn’t the satan as the media has led us to consider. Positive, an excess of sugar in the food regimen, especially certain varieties of sugar, may be inflammatory and worsen sure health circumstances (especially ones like Sort I and Sort II Diabetes). For many individuals reading this publish, you might already eat a weight loss plan primarily targeted on real meals – which suggests you might eat some meals that has naturally occurring sugar, and a few sweets and treats, but nothing like the commonplace american food regimen. Even if you *do* eat SAD, it’s not the sugar content in kombucha that you ought to be specializing in to create a more health-promoting, nutrient-dense way of life. It’s the different stuff you’ve received happening. ANYWAY.

Sugar, like I mentioned above, is important to brew kombucha. You can’t make kombucha without it. Sugar is the meals for the probiotics in the kombucha – which is the complete purpose most people drink kombucha in the first place. Without sugar in the brewing process, the micro organism can’t ferment, creating the desired probiotics. The bacteria principally gobbles up the sugar that is utilized in the fermentation process, which is why most brands choose to add fruit juice or other sugars to sweeten the drink earlier than it hits shelves. Some brands add tons of unnecessary sugars, along with fruit juice, to sweeten their booch a lot it almosts tastes like soda.

I’d advocate on the lookout for a brand that makes use of natural fruit juice, and perhaps one different sweetener, to their booch. Avoid manufacturers that use many various sugars (I’ve seen brands that use fruit juice, cane sugar, erythritol, stevia, and other sugars, multi functional bottle!). It’s more about the elements listing, moderately than the vitamin information.

Should you drink kombucha?

So, to reply this query, I needed to go through a bunch of totally different (unbelievable) questions you guys introduced up. Because though the booch is a very useful health drink, 1) you might not prefer it, by which case, i’m never going to tell you that you SHOULD be consuming something that you don’t like! And a couple of) it’s not truly the greatest concept for individuals with sure gut circumstances like bacterial overgrowth, imbalance, candida, and so on. But we’ll get to that.

If you have a healthy immune system, including a number of good intestine bugs, by way of consuming kombucha, to your microbiome might do you some good. You possibly can see improvements in your bowel actions (or lack thereof), in mood (as a consequence of the variety of the intestine microbiome, which has a really robust connection to neurotransmitters that regulate temper), in your general immune well being. Since kombucha is an acidic drink, with a bit bit of vinegar, it might additionally stimulate your physique’s pure manufacturing of abdomen acid (just like taking apple cider vinegar before meals), which helps your body digest protein better.

How much should you drink every day? I wouldn’t advocate multiple bottle a day. But truthfully, it should in all probability take you some time to rise up to that much. I sometimes drink about 4-6 ouncesa day if I’m on a kombucha kick, or about ⅓ to ½ a bottle. It’s greatest to start out out small if you are new to probiotics, because introducing a bunch of gut bugs directly (even if they’re good gut bugs) might end in just a little fuel and bloating whereas your abdomen is getting used to the new guys. You possibly can begin as small as a couple of sips a day, after which work your approach up from there.

Who shouldn’t drink kombucha? And why?

Nevertheless, if you have an imbalance of bacteria, a compromised immune system, an overgrowth of sure sorts of micro organism which might be causing unfavorable health effects, a yeast overgrowth, and so forth., you could also be including gasoline to the hearth and truly making your signs worse.

If you experience any of these health circumstances, you ought to be cautious with, or avoid, kombucha:

  • GERD
  • Yeast overgrowth or Candida
  • SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  • Being pregnant
  • Rosacea

In GERD – kombucha is a very acidic drink, and does have a vinegar element. If you have ulcers or high stomach acid, this could add gasoline to the hearth – consuming kombucha might probably trigger reflux, heartburn, or make ulcers worse. If you are experiencing symptoms of GERD because you have low abdomen acid, not excessive, kombucha could also be helpful. See a nutritionist, RD, or physician to determine in case your abdomen acid is excessive or low.

In the instances of yeast overgrowth, Candida, and SIBO, kombucha ought to be briefly prevented because the affected people may benefit from avoiding all fermented foods right now of their therapeutic journey. If you have an overgrowth of micro organism, adding more bacteria by way of probiotics, even good micro organism, just isn’t going to help your state of affairs – and could truly make your bloating worse. Different fermented foods embrace: kefir, fermented pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kvass, and different pickled greens

Kombucha can produce delicate bloating, but when you experience excessive bloating while consuming kombucha or with different fermented foods, it could be time to talk to a nutritionist about getting examined for a possible bacterial or yeast imbalance in the intestine.

It’s additionally necessary to be careful with kombucha consumption throughout being pregnant. It’s as much as you, but you won’t need to drink it in any respect. A number of issues to think about – kombucha is a uncooked meals. It isn’t pasteurized, so many docs would advocate you keep away from kombucha the similar method you are advised to avoid raw meals throughout being pregnant. You particularly need to keep away from residence brew kombucha, because there’s even less management over the potential for contamination with ‘bad’ micro organism from your kitchen. Kombucha additionally incorporates a small amount of alcohol and caffeine – and if you are avoiding both of those throughout pregnancy, you may need to avoid kombucha.

I had a number of readers write in and say kombucha causes their Rosacea to flare. Rather a lot of research say that one of the remedies to assist Rosacea and other skin circumstances go down is by introducing probiotics to the intestine by way of fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and so on. Nevertheless, that is good to remember, and kombucha undoubtedly isn’t a cure-all – so if you begin to notice symptoms, even when they go towards analysis studies, you want to pay attention to your physique and what works greatest for you!

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with Dana

How do I decide an excellent brand?

Are all manufacturers equal? What does the ingredient listing seem like for the ‘healthiest’ kombucha? What to avoid?

NO. All kombucha brands will not be equal. The most effective ones will probably be – these which are convenient and reasonably priced to you, have an actual food elements listing without extreme added sugar, and that taste good! As far as I’m involved, there isn’t a one “healthiest” model of kombucha. There are a ton of great ones, and my favorites are the ones that use real fruit juice as a sweetener with minimal further sugar. I’m consuming a kombucha, not a soda! If I need a soda, I’ll go buy a soda. However I don’t need to be consuming a soda with my breakfast.

A couple of recommendations on choosing an amazing model of Kombucha:

  • Help native if you can!
  • A model with a sustainability focus – my favourite local model is Blue Ridge Kombucha (obtainable in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US), which has an enormous give attention to sustainability and recycling of their enterprise model. They’ve saved virtually 1,000,000 million bottles to date of their recycling program, you can take the bottles you’ve bought again to the retailer and fill them again up on draft (sure, like you would with beer).
  • Great flavors with actual fruit juice
  • Here’s what to keep away from: pointless fillers and added sugars which might be used to make kombucha taste like soda.

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with Dana

I tasted a LOT of kombucha manufacturers here and I’ve tasted many more outdoors of this little experiment. So I’ll let you know slightly about the brand, how sweet it’s, the amount of chew it has, and my general score, all on scale from 1-10.

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with DanaBlue Ridge Bucha

I LOVE this brand. They’re my favorite native brand and favorite general model of kombucha too! Their flavors are super creative (KombuCHAI, Bluegrass, Black Raspberry, Elderflower Sunrise, and the OG Ginger), and every one I’ve tried has been superb.

All Blue Ridge Flavors
Sweetness: 5-6/10
Chew: 5/10
General: 10/10

Suja Kombucha

Suja is a nationwide juice model that lately expanded to include a kombucha line. I used to be pleasantly stunned by the combined berries taste, but the inexperienced apple was WAY too sweet for me and simply tasted like synthetic apple juice.

Inexperienced Apple taste
Sweetness: 10/10
Chew: 1/10
General: 3/10

Combined Berries flavor
Sweetness: 6/10
Chew: 3/10
General: 8/10

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with Dana - GTS KombuchaGTS Kombucha

A nationwide brand that can be discovered pretty much anyplace Kombucha may be found. They’ve TONS of totally different flavors, from the Unique, Multi-Inexperienced, and Gingerade and Trilogy (my two favourite) to Watermelon Bliss, Strawberry Serenade, and so on. GTS uses solely all-natural fruit juice to sweeten their booch, so it’s my prime decide for a national brand that additionally has the most availability.

Sweetness: 3/10 (just for the Gingerade, but I like it this manner!)
Chew: 8/10
General: 10/10

Trilogy (the rainbow bottle)
Sweetness: 5/10
Chew: 5/10
General: 10/10

Watermelon Bliss
Sweetness: 9/10
Chew: 5/10
General: 4/10

If you’re in search of a not-sweet, super ginger kombucha, Gingerade is the BEST. I really like all the GTS flavors except the Watermelon, which some individuals rave about, however it was just too sweet for me, and tasted like a watermelon jolly rancher.

Humm Kombucha

This can be a newer model to me, and I might only find it in a couple of shops. I actually loved the Strawberry Lemonade flavor and would love to attempt other flavors too!

Strawberry Lemonade
Sweetness: 6/10
Chew: 4/10
General: 6/10

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with Dana - Health AdeWell being Ade

I really like this brand. I’ve met them a number of occasions at Expo East and West, and they are all the time so nice! I like their selection of flavors, and their vacation flavors are nice as nicely. I undoubtedly like the Pink Woman Apple the greatest!

Sweetness: 4/10
Chew: 6/10
General: Four/10 – not an enormous fan.

Pink Woman Apple
Sweetness: 5/10
Chew: 6/10
General: 7/10 – simply enough sweetness and chew. Really like it, although it’s not my absolute favorite.

Cayenne Cleanse
Sweetness: 1/10 – barely candy in any respect.
Chew: 10/10 – not only is there an enormous chew, however there’s additionally cayenne pepper in there!
General: 2/10 – wasn’t an enormous fan.

Kevita Master Brew

I’m not a huge fan of the Kevita probiotic or kombucha drinks. They taste very stevia-heavy to me. So if you like the taste of stevia, they could be good for you!

Ginger and Grapefruit Flavors
Sweetness: 7/10
Chew: 6/10
General: 5/10 – too stevia heavy for me.

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with Dana - Health AdeHoly Kombucha

I really like this brand! They’re based mostly out of Austin, TX, and unfortunately I can’t find them anyplace on the east coast. I picked up a couple of bottles at Expo East each years I’ve seen them and once I went to Austin last yr. They’ve actually cool flavors like Blood Orange, Hibiscus Sangria, Sambazon, Prickly Pear…pricey Holy Kombucha, please come to the east coast!

Sweetness: 6/10
Chew: 6/10
General: 10/10

Revive Kombucha

Also a more moderen brand for me, I wasn’t a huge fan of their ginger-lime flavor. I truly ended up pouring it out as a result of it was not pleasurable (kombucha sacrilege!!)

Ginger Lime
Sweetness: 5/10
Chew: 6/10
General: 1/10

Reside Soda Kombucha

Nicely, they do have Soda in the identify, so you can guess what they taste like. These style far more like soda than kombucha, so if that’s your thing, go for it! They are nice cocktail or mocktail mixers, but are too sweet for me to drink in the morning like I normally do with Kombucha.

Sweetness: 9/10
Chew: 2/10
General: 4/10

The winners! Blue Ridge Bucha (native) and Holy Kombucha (Texas space). GTS for a nationwide brand.

Kombucha 101: Should you drink Kombucha? + A Review of Kombucha Brands | Real Food with Dana - Blue Ridge Bucha

How do you make your personal Kombucha?

I should in all probability do a whole recipe publish on this. However the basic concept is – first, you’ve received to get a scoby from someplace. Ask around or at your local farmer’s market to see if somebody may give you a bit of theirs. As soon as you have your scoby, it’s time to start out brewing. You’ll steep a mixture of black, green, and white tea (of your selection, however you undoubtedly need black tea) in water, then add sugar. Permit it to chill, then pour it over your scoby. Let that sit for two weeks in a cool, darkish place to ferment. After it has fermented, you’ll bottle it individually and (non-compulsory) add fruit juice or sweetener. Screw on a prime, tight. Permit it to take a seat in the cool, dark place (like Harry Potter’s cupboard) for about one other week. Stick it in the fridge after which drink!

PS – there is a LOT of individual variance right here, depending on your scoby, the tea you decide, the amount of sugar you add, the local weather you reside in, the season it presently is, how scorching your home is, how lengthy it ought to ferment…it takes a pair tries to get it proper. These elements also all contribute to the quantity and kinds of probiotics that you will discover your home-brewed booch.

There are LOTS of disclaimers with brewing kombucha at house. Like the importance of utilizing sterile utensils, holding the space round where you store the kombucha clean in order to not permit ‘bad’ bugs to grow along with the good ones…but I’ll do a weblog publish on it this summer time!

What other subjects or well being developments would you guys like me to cover and de-bunk? Let me know in the comments! Which Kombucha brands am I missing? I’ll be updating this as I get extra recommendations too!

Listed here are the ones I nonetheless have yet to attempt…

  • Brew Dr.
  • Buddha’s Brew
  • Rowdy Mermaid
  • Wild Tonic Jun-Kombucha
  • Hex Ferments
  • Wild Kombucha
  • Kombucha Town
  • Counterpart Kombucha
  • Dealer Joe’s