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The answer is never more restriction or another diet. ~ Real Food with Dana

In immediately’s episode I’m addressing a few of the comply with up questions from final week’s episode, “I Quit Whole30”, and talking about where I’m going next in my enterprise and with the podcast. I’m answering your questions on “what do we do now? How can we lose weight and fix our relationship with food?” But the answer won’t be precisely what you have been in search of.

Questions Coated:

  1. Why did you announce this publicly as an alternative of quietly making a transition?
  2. What can we do now? How can we begin to repair our relationship with food and our our bodies? Or, how can we shed some pounds AND repair our relationship with food?
  3. There were a bunch of other great questions too and I’m going to save lots of those for next week’s podcast (as a result of they will be very topical with my guest!) and the subsequent listener questions episode. Which you can even submit questions too on the blog beneath the SUBMIT A QUESTION FOR THE PODCAST tab!




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In this week’s episode of Real Speak with Dana I assumed I might reintroduce myself, since it’s new yr and I’m beginning a brand new chapter in my business. So whether or not you’re new around here or not – My identify is Dana. I’m an Integrative Medical Nutritionist & Physique Picture Coach. I help individuals heal their relationship with meals and their our bodies, and break the eating regimen cycle. I also train individuals tips on how to weed via vitamin BS and knowledge overload by breaking down the science of vitamin in a simple to know approach, often with some harry potter and imply women or disney quotes thrown in there. My aim is to show you to thrive and embrace your energy in a world that desires to you to be smaller and take up less area. In a world that says you’re not ok until you’ll be able to meet exceedingly unrealistic societal standards of aesthetics, fitness, business, household, and life – all of sudden. And that you simply’re a failure when you don’t.

I need to provide help to uncover that you are worthy, proper now, exactly as you’re and you don’t want another weight-reduction plan, reset, detox, or exercise plan to get there. It’s not straightforward or snug. It takes braveness, it takes vulnerability. However it is value it. And I can be there for you each step of the best way.

It took me years to get so far in my life and my enterprise. When i started my weblog and commenced sharing my story with the world, I might only ever share bits and items of my story. They have been essential pieces on my journey to healing, but I wasn’t able to share all of it yet. And at occasions, I  felt like I used to be hiding inside a shell of myself.

For a few years while making an attempt to heal the injury from celiac illness I attempted numerous “healing” diets and therapeutic elimination protocols – from FODMAP to autoimmune to GAPS to Entire30 to Macros to all the things in between. Little did I understand I used to be making an attempt to heal the considerate injury I had finished to my body brought on by my eating dysfunction while perpetuating the eating regimen cycle I was stuck in. Every one promised to heal me and to help fix my relationship with food in several methods. However nothing appeared to work all the best way. Positive, I found out what foods my body didn’t react nicely to. I work out which meals gave me pimples, which of them gave me brain fog, which of them gave me power and made me really feel good. However I was still stuck within the cycle, mentally and emotionally. As a result of underneath the guise of wanting to determine my meals sensitivities (which I assumed have been always altering) or clean up my habits after the holidays or work out what macros or meals plan labored greatest for me – it was all about dropping pounds. It was all the time about losing a few pounds. Even after my eating disorder was far gone, the previous thought patterns and motivations that go with disordered consuming never left. I felt I might never be ok, worthy sufficient, pretty enough…until I was smaller. Regardless of how small I acquired. Even once I was at the lowest weight of my ED, once I was severely under-eating (on objective), utterly Orthorexic in my decisions of the meals I might “allow” myself to eat, and if something I ate was off plan, I might utterly binge on it, then make up for it the subsequent day by proscribing my meals even more and exercising until I virtually handed out.

It wasn’t until I gave up all those diets, packages, detoxes, resets, whatever you need to name them, all within the underlying pursuit of weight loss and worthiness – until I gave them all up for good that I used to be lastly capable of heal my relationship with food and my body.

Now, an ED may be an excessive example. You could assume, however I don’t have an consuming disorder, so this doesn’t apply to me. However have you ever tried many various diets, packages, detoxes, or resets to drop some pounds? After which felt like a failure once they didn’t be just right for you, so you simply went again to the way you have been consuming earlier than – then felt so guilty, you jumped on another round or another weight loss plan? Or perhaps you went on vacation, had a birthday, a wedding, a weekend trip if you ate foods you weren’t imagined to. So if you get back, you start over with the brand new eating regimen and workout plan. And the cycle repeats. As a result of the sheer willpower that gets you thru the first few days of dieting runs out ultimately.

So many people are caught on this cycle. The weight-reduction plan cycle. And the answer to getting out of this cycle, to heal your relationship with food and your physique? The answer is never more restriction or another food regimen. Another sure/no meals listing. Another exercise program. Another reset. Whatever you need to call it. The answer begins with getting really trustworthy and weak and digging into your WHY. Why have you used all these diets and packages to pursue weight reduction for therefore lengthy? Why do you assume your physique isn’t ok just the best way it is? Why don’t you’re keen on your body? The place did your “it’s complicated” Facebook relationship standing with meals come from?

Whenever you dig deep sufficient, you’ll understand that the answer to these questions doesn’t even involve food at all. And we will never clear up those challenges with more restriction or another food plan.

The answer lies in studying. Studying To stop hating your physique. To stop telling yourself you’ll solely be worthy if you do the subsequent program and “finally” get to your objective weight. To stop letting food management your life and your happiness.

The answer is to interrupt the food regimen cycle. And it is my mission to point out you how you can get there.

THAT BEING SAID. In case you are new round right here, should you’re right here because you need to gobble up all of the content material on intuitive eating, therapeutic your relationship with food and your body, and all that great things – I don’t truly advocate that you simply take heed to all the episodes from the start of the podcast.

BECAUSE…once I began this podcast, I used to be an entire30 coach, and was producing some episodes for my listeners concerning the Entire30. And some of my friends are also entire30 coaches. I also talked about totally different therapeutic diets just like the autoimmune protocol, keto, intermittent fasting, macros, and so forth. – about what they are, about why some individuals choose to make use of them for therapeutic, AND why they may not be a sensible choice for a lot of people. So if any of these subjects are triggering for you or you don’t need to hear something about using diets, even for a healing or therapeutic objective, I might avoid these episodes.

Go to, click on on podcast episodes by matter – all of the physique image and relationship with meals ones are listed on the prime. There are additionally sections for adrenal fatigue, nervousness, stress and self-care, breaking down vitamin science on things like leaky intestine and meals sensitivity testing.

OKAY. so now that we’ve gotten some logistics out of the best way, let’s dive into a couple of of the comply with up questions from final week’s episode. Starting with:

Primary questions

  • Why did you announce this publicly as an alternative of quietly making a transition
  • What can we do now? How can we start to repair our relationship with meals and our bodies? Or, how can we reduce weight AND fix our relationship with food?
  • There have been a bunch of different nice questions too and i’m going to save lots of these for next week’s podcast (because they are going to be very topical with my guest!) and the subsequent listener questions episode. Which you may also submit questions too on the blog beneath the SUBMIT A QUESTION FOR THE PODCAST tab!

Why did I announce that I wasn’t going to teach any more so publicly, and never simply transition quietly?

Whenever you run part of what you are promoting on social media, you’re flooded with lots of of DM’s, emails, questions – are you doing a Entire30? Can I work with you on Entire30? Listed here are one million questions on Entire30. I might have needed to explain it individually to one million individuals or simply say it and get on with it. BUT. This pattern that I’ve been observing in most individuals because the Entire30 program has been expanding so rapidly over the past few years, that the best way by which individuals are using the program is contributing to unhealthy cycles which isn’t making their relationship with food better, it’s making it worse- it needed to be stated. And I might never say (nor was it ever my intent to infer that “the program is horrible, the people who created it are horrible, everyone who does the program is doing it wrong…” because none of that is true. When utilized in a therapeutic manner, for individuals who would not have any type of history of disordered eating, disordered eating patterns, or an consuming disorder, this system could be a very useful learning experience. The unfortunate thing is, that’s not how most people are using this system now. As a result of as an alternative of utilizing it as a learning device, many individuals are just going off the yes/no foods listing, not doing reintroduction and in doing so, reinforcing “on the wagon/off the wagon” patterns and good vs. dangerous foods mentality – although this was never the intent of the program. AND a lot of people that do elimination diets are NOT READY FOR THEM. More on this next week.

I couldn’t consider how many people reached out after my final submit saying how even simply doing one entire30 sent them off the rails, and even when they went Into it looking for stability or improve their relationship with food, it ended up making it so much worse and made them even more entrenched in the weight-reduction plan cycle. And I heard this after I had recorded final week’s podcast. So if this is you, you’re not alone. This isn’t everybody, nevertheless it’s a sample I’ve been observing over the previous yr, so it wanted to be stated.

Also. Individuals will see and hear solely what the mind is prepared to grasp. And intent and perception are very totally different. So, as I expected, there was some criticism of the podcast. I just didn’t anticipate the quantity of harsh criticism and private assaults that occurred because of me just wanting to discuss a pattern that I was seeing, and clarify that as the rationale that I might be finishing one chapter in my enterprise and beginning a brand new one without Entire30 teaching.

Individuals could be actually merciless on the internet once they’re hiding behind a display. I’ve acquired more hateful, adverse, and character-bashing feedback and evaluations within the first two days of the podcast being launched than I’ve in the complete 4+ years I’ve had my weblog. And it has not been fun.

It’s not straightforward to make an enormous pivot in what you are promoting and never solely flip away however brazenly criticize one thing you used to help. It’s not straightforward understanding you’re sacrificing an enormous revenue supply in your corporation to take action. And it makes it even more durable when individuals are attacking your character whenever you’re making an attempt to stay authentic and true to your message by turning away from that previous factor you used to help. It makes you marvel: “Am I actually doing the right thing? Should I have stayed Whole30 coaching and supporting the Whole30, because it would’ve been easier?” There for positive would’ve been so much less hate mail. The visitors on my weblog and instagram would’ve blown up from all of the Entire30 promoting. I might’ve run an enormous January Entire30 group like I did final yr, which in all probability would’ve been pretty lucrative. But I selected not to. Why?

Because I can’t on the one hand be promoting a principally anti-diet message, preach about breaking the eating regimen cycle and healing your relationship with food and your physique, and at the similar time promote a program that so many people are utilizing (and perceive) as a food plan – which again, was not this system’s intent, however intent and notion / how issues are utilized in reality are very totally different.

“Soon, we must make the choice between what is right, and what is easy.” Albus Dumbledore (aka JK Rowling) stated that quote and I’m resonating so exhausting with it right now. I’m selecting what is right for me, to stay authentic, to remain true to my message of what I’ve been promoting for the previous few months with this modification in my enterprise.

And in the event you don’t like that, fantastic. I understand. If you want to see more Entire30 assets, there are various unbelievable accounts with bloggers who’re placing out recipes and assets galore,, and lots of of them are my pals. I’m not saying they’re dangerous individuals for promoting Entire30 or that you are a dangerous individual for doing a Entire30. I’m not saying that everyone who does the Entire30 is doomed to an eating disorder. I’m just saying it’s not for me any more, so that you’ll not be seeing that content material here. And I felt I owed it to you guys to elucidate why, hence the podcast.

The world has enough negativity going around. Let’s attempt spreading some constructive power as an alternative. And as Brené Brown would say, creativity is vulnerability — which opens you as much as getting your ass kicked. And “If you’re not in the arena, also getting your ass kicked, then I’m not interested in your feedback” and particularly, your nasty, non-constructive criticism. Constructive criticism? Convey it on. I’m all ears. I’m a scholar at coronary heart and all the time in search of ways that I can enhance my supply on the podcast, ways that I can resonate with more individuals, clarify issues in another way – that type of stuff? Deliver it on. But please don’t personally assault me, my character, or what you assume my values are just based mostly on a headline or very brief blurb you learn in an instagram caption. And even in the event you listened to the podcast. Keep in mind, everybody is entitled to their very own opinions – and i’m not going to fault you for those who disagree with mine. Just be sure to perceive my reasoning and that I’m not attacking you or anybody in the Entire30 group for making the choice to do another entire30. Simply merely asking you to reassess your WHY whenever you determine to do one.

NEXT QUESTION: so what do you advocate we do now to shed some pounds and fix our relationship with meals? Or What do you assume truly helps individuals develop a better relationship with food?

I’m going to have hours and hours of episodes going ahead devoted to precisely this matter: therapeutic our relationship with meals and our our bodies. So i can’t inform you what THE answer is for that – because it’s means too brief for only one podcast, or even a handful of podcasts.

But I can 100% inform you what the answer is not. To interrupt the weight loss plan cycle, to fix your relationship with meals and your body? The answer is never more restriction or another food plan. As I discussed in my story above, I wasn’t capable of lastly repair my relationship with meals until I ended doing Entire30’s and I ended dieting for good. And I wasn’t capable of repair my relationship with my physique till I ended making an attempt to continually shed some pounds.

That’s actually what this all boils right down to – our worry, collectively, as a society, of gaining weight. Of taking over more area. Of feeling like we’re undeserving or will never be ok until we get right down to our aim weight or a certain measurement.

There’s a quote from Summer time Innanen, who hosts Fearless Rebelle Radio, that says “when weight loss is the driver behind our food choices, we immediately cut off trust to our body. We start relying on other people’s rules and what we think we “should” do as an alternative of listening to what WE need.”

What if I actually need to get right down to a more healthy weight? The place is that number coming from? Why do that you must get there? Weight loss isn’t BAD. But our fixation and complete obsession with it at all prices is.

So, what you possibly can anticipate when it comes to content material on right here going ahead:

Your passions are usually not mutually unique. They do not have to exist alone, and you do not want to choose to pursue one over the other. How this applies to me – I don’t have to decide on an anti-diet / relationship with food and your body ONLY strategy to the podcast. As a result of I’m captivated with vitamin science, de-bunking vitamin myths, speaking about self-care, stress, journey and digging into health circumstances like adrenal fatigue, ladies’s health issues, and so on. What the podcast is going to develop into: an all-inclusive resource for sorting via the vitamin and fitness BS on the web, to make sense of vitamin science, and help you in your journey to rediscover your well being, and your relationship with food and your physique – so you’ll be able to empower yourself to make the fitting selections for you and your body, whatever you select those selections round food, health, and way of life to be. As a result of no one knows what’s greatest for you higher than YOU. you’re the only one who has to reside in your body and your thoughts.

THE END. thanks for listening, thanks on your suggestions and all of you who reached out in help after last week’s podcast – you haven’t any concept how a lot that meant to me. And I promise I will get again to all your messages soon, I’m working via them day by day however it’s taking me some time. Thanks once more, and I’ll speak to you next week.