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The joy of the Buddha (Lo Han Jai 罗汉 斋)

The joy of the Buddha (Lo Han Jai 罗汉 斋)

In the present day I need to share with you the Buddha's joy (a.okay.a Lo Han Jai 罗汉 斋), a secret household prescription of our household. This recipe has been handed down from the mom who has cooked this dish throughout all Chinese language New Yr for the final 60 years. She is now 80 years previous, and that is the time to organize for the new yr.

This recipe is an in-depth train on the culinary custom of Chinese language meals than is usually recognized. Western dishes comparable to one-ton, mapo-tofu, Chinese language fried rice. Some ethnic components could also be foreigners, not Chinese language.

Buddha's delight or temporary description of Lohan Ash

Buddha's delight is the pleasure of vegetarians. We serve scrumptious dishes for everybody throughout Chinese language New Yr.

Lo Han Jai 罗汉 Bud is one other identify for the joy of Budda. (Jai, or typically spelled as Zhai, actually means vegetarian meal for Buddhists). "Lo Han" is a Chinese language identify for 18 Arhats in Buddhism and is equal to Christian apostles. Lo Han Jai means vegetarian meals that saints eat.

There are 18 parts (in distinction to the twelve Apostles) with the pleasure of a full-fledged Buddha representing 18 Arhats.

There are lots of varieties sprouts in genuine recipes. Many individuals discover that it’s too boring to get all the elements, in order that they skip some elements with out sacrificing style.

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Necessary Elements for Getting ready Buddha's Joy

Earlier than beginning, I want to briefly clarify to those that are unfamiliar.

  Shiitake Mushroom Buddha's Joy 1. Shiitake

Shiitake is utilized in numerous Chinese language dishes. A dehydrated model is rather more common than a recent sort with a recent scent.

Some high-grade dried shiitake mushrooms are referred to as flowers referred to as actually & # 39; flower mushrooms & # 39 ;. There’s a attribute crack sample on the floor. hat. They’ve a thick mushroom cap with a really robust scent. It’s also referred to as "scent", which suggests "scent mushroom".

Dried mushrooms ought to be cooked once more for a couple of hours earlier than drying, and bigger, thicker bowls must be drunk in a single day earlier than cooking.

  Dry Lily Buddha's Joy 2. Dry Lily Buds

Dried lily buds come from lilies and have faint earthy, noble style and slightly bit of tree.

There’s a dry tip and a pointy golden end. That is additionally referred to as the & # 39; golden needle & # 39;

It’s the greatest materials to prepare dinner the pleasure of Buddha and the candy and bitter pork of Sichuan. The phrase golden needle is symbolized as an element (gold) on the menu commonly in the Lunar New Yr.

Dried lily sprouts have to be rehydrated earlier than cooking like dried shiitake. Liquid-rich liquids are wealthy in taste and can be utilized to organize Buddha's joy or different dishes.

The form of the Enoki mushroom is considerably just like that of a dried lily flower, which is known as a gold name, and is totally totally different from a golden needle mushroom however a dried lily flower.

three. Cabbage

Our household recipe makes use of common cabbage versus Napa cabbage talked about in some recipes. Cabbage will shrink after boiling and have to be reduce into giant items.

Cabbage must boil for about 10 minutes till it turns into clean.

     Tofu Buddha's delight four. Tofu pores and skin and cussed tomb

    Tofu pores and skin, tobacco, tofu, tofu or tofu cape: There are a number of gadgets in English.

    This can be a product comprised of beans. When beans are boiled in a shallow pot, the condensate condenses on the floor of the beans. When the movie is taken out and dried, it turns into a head sheet.

    Sheets might be folded right into a lobe throughout manufacturing. It stays to be a skinny sheet and can work higher on this recipe.

    The result’s higher for beans. Skinny, thick and thick sheets of sheet metallic. It’s simpler to fry than a lobed form (as a result of it’s extra vulnerable to crispness). The bar is thick, folded, exhausting and straightforward to interrupt. In the event you attempt to fry the mud to get a crisp texture, the entire tofu fried and turns darkish brown.

       Mung bean vermicelli pleasure of the Buddha 5. Processing of cellophane or mung bean vermicelli powder

      Mung bean vermicelli is often produced from mung bean or potato starch.

      As a result of rice vermicelli is white and never translucent, it isn’t the similar as rice noodle rice flour / rice line.

      Watch the video

      Watch this video (Beneath recipe directions)

      Video with hundreds of phrases, video with hundreds of photographs [19659002] Please put together this video for the joy of Buddha. (7.48 minutes). The dietary worth of the recipe under is underneath the above tips.

      (Observe: In case you are experiencing audiovisual issues watching this video, click on on this hyperlink to view it on YouTube (new tab)

        fatt choy 7. Cellophane or mudberry vermicelli powder Foods of this type Noodles usually consist of green beans or potato starch. They are called cellophane noodles or glass noodles, and since they are similar to cell phones after cooking (partially transparent), rice vermicelli is not white and translucent, so rice is not the same as vermicelli rice flour / rice line. 6. fats choy (black moss) 菜菜

      Black moss (fatt choy) is a sort of fungus resembling human hair after drying. [Fatt Choy] means making lots of cash in Chinese language.

      Fatt Choy isn’t included in the cooking day-after-day. It’s fairly costly.

       Neck fungus 7. Wooden ear mould

      Wooden ear mould is a kind of edible fungus generally bought in dried type.

      After absolutely hydrating, it swells to greater than twice its unique measurement.

       Fermented tofu eight. Delight ingredient of Buddha, candy and bitter pork, numerous Chinese language dishes. Soybean curd preserved milk

      Fermented tofu is one other Chinese language identify for the similar merchandise. It’s a Chinese language seasoning containing bean, salt, and rice as its primary components.

      Varieties of fermented tofu are white and pink [1].

      White fermented tofu is the sort we utilized in the recipe. We favor white taste for aroma and shade.

      The different sort is pink preserved tofu southern milk / 紅 腐乳. It doesn’t have an effect on the shade of different greens. I’ve seen some of the Buddha's recipe recipe use purple preserved bean curd. It’s tastier than white so it must be lowered in comparison with white.

       Bamboo Shoot 11. Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot

      This unique materials listing (I feel most Chinese language individuals are acquainted) is bamboo shoots.

      Might be obtained from the chiller part of the Asian grocery retailer. can do.

      Variation and Substitution

      If you don’t put together the joy of a full-blown Buddha with 18 gadgets, you’ll be able to change or substitute the sort of materials.

      The directions under are to decide on supplies to organize the Buddha's joy.

      • Fundamental elements embrace shiitake mushroom, tree ear mushroom, cabbage, mung bean noodle, tofu sheet, white fermented tofu. Don’t skip something.
      • Fragrant elements are dried shiitake mushrooms and dried flowers. Dried shiitake mushrooms are rather more aromatic than uncooked shiitake mushrooms. If you can’t use dry lily flowers may be omitted.
      • Crunchy greens give crunchy texture with bamboo shoots and wooden ear mould. If you wish to use mould fungus in the wooden ear and hold it easy, omit bamboo shoots.
      • Tender greens are mung bean vermicelli and black moss. Getting black moss out of Asia may be troublesome.

        buddha 's delight


      fermented tofu cannot get replaced with out the spaghetti agleo e oleo with out garlic. The style of the entire dish relies upon totally on fermented tofu and sugar.

      Please select the greatest fermented tofu. You possibly can select a white or purple model, or combine each. If you would like a stronger, salty taste, add extra fermented soybean curd. It’s our secret recipe to by no means add seasonings akin to soy sauce, oyster sauce, and even salt.

      Different components

      Lotus seeds, ginkgo nuts, bowls are one other ingredient for the pleasure of the Buddha.

      Buddha's joy recipe

      Preparation time
      20 minutes

      Cooking time
      10 minutes

      Complete time
      30 minutes


      Dried elements




      1. Tie a knot to every dried lily flower for higher expression.
      2. Reduce the bean curd sheet into smaller items. Fry briefly (about 15-20 seconds), take away and drain.
      3. Minimize carrots and bamboo shoots thinly.
      4. We reduce mould of eared wooden ear to the measurement just like carrot.
      5. Take away the stem of shiitake mushrooms. Minimize into two for smaller ones, and slice into three or 4 for the greater ones.
      6. Please hold water after dipping mushrooms.
      7. Minimize the cabbage into giant items.


      1. Put two giant vegetable oils in a scoop. I roasted the cabbage till it gently turns.
      2. Add shiitake mushrooms, lily flowers, wooden ear mould, black moss, carrots, fermented tofu, sugar, mushroom water and another water. I’ll courageous for 2 minutes.
      3. Divides fried tofu into smaller items. Place on prime of different supplies.
      4. Add mung bean mushrooms on bean curd. Cowl with a cap and let stand for 2 minutes or till the tofu is softened. Add some water if crucial.
      5. Add bamboo shoots, button mushrooms and child candy corn.
      6. Spice and thicken the greens till they’re tender.

      Vitamin info:



      Serving capability:

      Energy: 392 Complete Fats: 9g Sat Fats: 1g Fats: 0g Unsaturated Fats: 7g Ldl cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 2622mg Carbohydrate: 66g Fiber: 9g Sugar: 25g Protein: 18g


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