What Is The Difference Between Natural & Lab Created Wedding and Engagement Rings?

The debate over the existence of “Real” or “網上鑽石 Genuine” Wedding Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds is getting hotter by the minute. You see it on TV, hear it on the radio, and even read it in some magazines. There are so many people (including some well-known ones) out there that say these things. So, how do you really know which one is the right one?

I have to say that I haven’t found the answer to this question yet. Why? Because the only way to truly know if a gem is “Real” is to hold it in your hands and feel it with your Ears. If you can feel it then it is “Real” and if not then it is lab-grown diamonds or some other imitations that are unsafe for your loved ones to use.

And let me tell you why that is. It has to do with this whole thing about wedding rings and engagement rings versus lab-grown diamonds. You see, many retailers that sell wedding rings and engagement rings claim that the diamonds used in these products are real and will not be affected by the heat from your hands. They also usually say that these unique diamonds are hand-picked and then inspected by a third party to make sure that it meets the standards that they require in order to be sold as authentic wedding or engagement rings.

Now this third party inspection that they say takes place is not done very often, if at all. So it really does remain a bit of a grey area. This is not to say that lab-grown diamonds are not real and safe to purchase. But this doesn’t mean that they are better than their lab-grown counterparts because they aren’t.

Now you may be thinking that you know all there is to know about diamonds, so why would you even consider lab-grown diamonds when you can have the real thing? Well this may be more of a question to you before you make that purchase, because once you do you’ll understand exactly why it’s the right choice for you and your love. First off you need to realize that one of the biggest differences between these diamonds and their lab-created relatives is the fact that these diamonds are mined by professional companies instead of being hand-picked by an individual. This means that when it comes to choosing wedding rings and engagement rings you really have to think long and hard about what the difference between the two really is.

The process starts with what type of metal is used in making the diamond. The most popular metals that are used in making these kinds of diamonds include; yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. And that leads us to another important point about these precious items. And that is that you can’t touch them with your bare hands to prove that they are real, because that sort of access would give all sorts of diseases to those who handled them. So if you’re looking for an engagement ring or a wedding ring for your loved ones then you definitely need to consider lab created diamonds. That way you can rest assured knowing that whoever you gave it to will not be spreading deadly diseases within its metal band.

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